Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Wonderful Fergy Family Christmas

Christmas in the Fergy household was clamer this year than years past. It started at 6 am when I awoke and began cooking breakfast and dinner and then at 7:30 both of my other lazy heads finally started to stire. I quickly set the mood for gift opening and ran to get the cutest and smallest of my ugly bugs. We then quickly began the whole present deal, which I thought would be fast since we couldn't keep Phoebs out of the gifts on Christmas Eve, she even opened one of my gifts, however, she was tired and didn't want to do anything but sit there and suck her thumb, so we opened all of her gifts for her. After gifts we all got dressed in our new Christmas clothes and sat and watched a movie...well I didn't watch the movie I cooke, but the rest of the family did. We ate dinner promtly at 2 pm and then headed over to Grandma Fergy's to give them their Christmas gift, season tickets to Desert Star. Over all we have a very wonderful Christmas and we were glad to finally have a white Christmas even if it wasn't until 7pm.

Christmas Eve Traditions

Every year on Christmas Eve we do a couple things, one go to the Fergy Family Dinner where we eat and then act out the nativity and two open the new PJs that the PJ elf made for us. (On a side note, this year the PJ elf also made us these cute stockings from scratch and she is stinkin' proud of them!) Below is a glance of the above mentioned Fergy family Traditions.
The Nativity Play:

I played Joseph, Cory played the Star, and Phoebe played Mary, that is until she got bored with the whole Christ's birth thing and threw Jesus out of the cradle and hopped in it herself. You only see Jesus in the cradle with her because we picked him up off his head from the floor and put him back in the cradle.

The PJ elf's special Fergy family PJs 2008:

It took Phoebe about 2 minutes before she soiled her shirt.

Christmas Dress

This year we dithered and churned over the question of the Christmas dress. In the beginning of December, we decided that the dresses were too expensive and that she did not need a dress that she could only wear one month. Towards the end of December, however, I felt differently so on he last Saturday before Christmas we drug the whole family to the mall, which I am pretty sure Cory still curses me over. We went to several shops that didn't even have anymore Christmas dresses still in stock. We found only two stores that carried what was becoming the elusive Christmas dress, Macy's and Gymboree. Macy's dresses were all $25.00+ and we didn't even love any of them, except one that was $45.00, way too much! This led us to finally end up at a store I NEVER shop in because I know it is too spendy, Gymboree. This shopping experience was, contrary to my presumptions, not only pleasing but affordable. We ended up with several dresses we loved and decided on a cute two piece jumper and turtle neck that she can wear thru may with no major residual sign of Christmasiness to it; total price with tax $23.50, yeah for us!

Crazy Hair

I never cease to be amazed at what a little static cling can do to human hair. This human electric machine turns over and over on the sofa until it looks like a lighting bolt just struck her and heaven help the poor soul she touches next, ZAP!!!


The pigtail hairdo is something that has been out of Phoebe's capacity for the last year. I tired once when she was 9 mos old, but she just shook her head so that I couldn't hold on and screamed at the top of her lungs. After seeing all the other cute little girls from church, however, I decided to try the infamous pigtail do again. This time I asked everyone how they got their wee one to sit still long enough and not scream; the overall answer, turn on the sink and let them play, so that is exactly what I did and miraculously it worked miracles. The first couple times Phoebe didn't really like me putting her hair up, but now she doesn't even notice me messing with her hair until I clip the bow at the end. I think she is stinkin' cute with her hair up!

For some reason now that she is use to bows on her head, Phoebe thinks that everything should go on her head. We have caught her several times trying to put socks on her head and we even snapped a picture with her pants on her head. Crazy girl.