Monday, June 9, 2014

I Want Candy... Eastering It Up 2014

For Easter this year we had several hunts we got to participate in. The first was with our church ward, where we got to enjoy tons of candy, doughnuts and fun face painting!
This year I decided due to some time restraints I would attempt to handle 4 little kiddos dying eater eggs by myself, but ya know what??? They were perfect angles, best experience with this yet!
We did just simple wax crayon dye jobs. the I gave the kiddos felt tip pens to color on their colored eggs. 
Phoebe was so cute with her decorating jobs, drawing a chick, pig & family of whales.
The night before Easter we rolled our marshmallows in our rolled to make our traditional breakfast of resurrection rolls & planted our magic Easter beans.
We managed to have a quick breakfast of fruit, sausages and resurrection rolls before our 9 am church.
As with every year the kiddos Easter outfits were adorable on them, and looked especially cute against our new qua colored wall. Darn Josh I had the hardest time getting him to take pictures without crossing his eyes!
This year our magic Easter beans grew "fruit"(poptart) vines !
This year our kiddos got less than usual for Easter from us, but man look at this haul still!
Mommy bunny made Cory a chocolate peanut butter basket with a few other goodies including a shirt that was should look like & say Utah but came misprinted for Indiana, don't worry it got replaced for free a week later. Daddy bunny got me some fun new purple jewelry, something I had been wanting.
This kiddos got these fun filled Easter buckets from grandma/pa Potts!
The kiddos were really excited to see that their magic beans grew pop tarts this year, one of their favorites.
In our home the bunny doesn't come until after church during naps, so you can see all the fun bead head in their bunny goodies pics.
for dinner we were blessed enough to have 3 family guests, which was fortunate because I always cook WAAAY too much on holidays!
Due to grandma Wile's funeral this year we had to postpone our Fergy family Easter festivities for a week after Easter. This year my SIL Charisse and I were in charge of the party, we started by having our traditional french crepe bar! Afterwards we had a photo booth for all the families.
While dads were out hiding eggs we tough kiddos how to bunny hop out front and did a bunny bowling.
After the games we ran out back to start collecting and the egg/candy loot! As is tradition grandma/pa Fergy gave the kiddos new balls for Easter, which the kiddos LOVE!
Right after the hunt the cousins (and one creepy uncle) all gathered and posted for a picture with their goodies!
After the hunt all the kids and adults were frozen due to a sudden temp drop and the the wind kicking up so we quickly packed up and headed for home to thaw out.
I always love all of our fun Easter parties/hunts, thanks all for making it a good one this year!

Take me Out to the Ball Game

In the middle of April our family decided to cash in on some free Bees baseball tickets we had and go to the ball fields. It was such PERFECT weather for an evening game! It wasn't crowded and it was pretty warm for April. The kiddos got to take pics with the Bee and were offered a spot in a relay game, but passed up on it. Their cousins the Madens, however, participated in the shoe relay.
This game night was special because kids got to eat for free & since Cory's dad also works at the ball field we enjoy cheap eats as well! What's a game without the ballpark food???
All the cousin's loved seeing grandpa Fergy on his short break.
The ball park also has a free kids train that wasn't crowded and had a super short line...AWESOME! I didn't have any good pics but they also have a fun playground and bounce house when the kiddos got board of the game.
I admit in the past we haven't enjoyed go to the games, but this night was so fun with slightly older kiddos, that we are eager to go again this summer!