Wednesday, January 6, 2010

FOUR Years Already!

Four years and one week ago Cory and I got married in the SL Temple.

Four years later and look how our little family has changed!

This year to celebrate our anniversary Cory and I went to Famous Dave's restaurant, I have always wanted to try it. I enjoyed the food immensely,but what I enjoyed even more was the speedy service. We placed our order and 5 minutes later we had our food. I guess there is something to having the food slow cooked all is then ready when RIGHT when I order it. Perfect for impatient me! As a rule for our anniversary Cory and I don't buy gifts, however, I tend to find a loophole for this rule, this year included. This year I MADE Cory's gift, no purchase necessary. He was enrolled in the Date of the Month Club. (It looked similar to this picture, but with my own personalization of course! It was an idea I got from the Love, Actually Website.) This will insure I get more than 2 dates a year, which was the true total of our dates in 2009.

After dinner Cory and I went to see Sherlock Homes, I admit I am a bit of a Robert Downy Jr fan and he didn't disappoint in this film. I would highly recommend it, a must watch. Overall, besides the horrible snowy conditions outside this was a pretty great anniversary date for us, it way beat the hamburger and fries anniversary the year before!