Monday, February 1, 2010

Sew Determined

This year Cory and I set a few new New Years Resolutions besides the general I will work out more & read my scriptures more kind that are the standards for every new years. We are so far on track for our new goals which are to have one date a month, to attend the temple once a month, and for me, to sew one new project a month. This year one of my biggest goals is to learn how to sew. I can do the basics of a "straight" line seam, well mine aren't always straight, but I would like to sew better. So I have scoured the internet and found several projects and free patterns I plan on making this year...I'm very excited to work on this goal. For January I started on something very simple, a burp cloth. Mainly because I had a baby shower to go to and I needed a gift and I found this very cute idea. You can see how mine turned out. Up close they are not perfect seems but this luckily is a very forgiving pattern.
Below you can see I used three different colors, I made 6 burp cloths in all.
I am currently sewing together 12 little boy burp cloths out of receiving blankets we never used, because of their small size, so if you are having a boy soon you know what you will be receiving from me.  On a side note I also made a new style of binki clip.  I don't think it is as cute as the other I use to make, but they are a lot more durable!

Here are a few of the ideas I have for furture projects/months:
Lil' Britches

I am still looking for other great ideas so if you know of one please pass it on to me either by leaving it in a comment or email me. I am looking for ANY kind of project! 

Thirty, Flirty & Thriving

Last week (Jan 26th) was my 30th B-day. You remember when you were little 30 seemed to be so old? Well I'm there now and I am pretty sure I am not on deaths door quite yet. In fact, I don't plan to have my midlife's crisis for another 10-20 years still.
I had wanted a larger George Forman grill, because on our old one I could only cook one hamburger paddies at a time so we would have to eat in shifts. This new grill is the largest one they make (144sq in), outside of the outdoor BBQ grill. I broke it in on Sat. night by making Elk Burgers (the Elk was a gift from Cory's boss, not like I normally have that on hand).
This is Phoebe desperately trying to rewrap my gift up. She was so distraught that I took the princess wrapping apart.
After I took Phoebs to the Dr. for her H1N1 shot (we also weighed her there and she was 19.12 lbs with 2 shirts and a diaper still on) we stopped and grabbed McD's for dinner. I had been craving their $0.89 hamburgers for over a week.
For my "cake" Cory got Cold Stone Ice cream cupcakes. Look, one cupcake for every decade of my life. By the way they were excellent cupcakes! I had been dreading this birthday for awhile, but I just have to remind myself I guess its better to be starting up the hill instead of under it.