Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Dude Date

On our last Tuesday in Salem I finally got to date the cutest guy in town, my little Joshie! We repeated the date I did with Phoebs and we went to the bedtime story time at the library. We arrived plenty early so Josh could play in the cute community room they had, I guess it changes the exhibit a couple times a year & so this time it was our community. Josh spent the whole time playing with the cars and trucks they had and didn't even bother to visit any other booth.
After the play room we went to the story time where Josh was a bit shy and wouldn't leave my leg to sit with the other kids. He did sing, however and was THRILLED to get his hand stamped at the end.
We finished our date with a trip to the konditorei where Josh chose a tuxedo cake and apple juice. Lucky for me he was more thrilled with the juice than the cake so later in the week I got to enjoy his yumm-o cake!
I once again had the mounds cake, it is just the best! I can't wait until the summer when we visit, I will be coming back for this awesome cake baby!

Semi-Annual General Conference Time

We were really hoping to be back home for General conference time, but we didn't make it so we just carried on our normal in Salem, Which included getting our semi annual donut breakfast and then coming back to eat & snuggle on the couch to watch the conference, which I luckily found on one of the channels.
During conference we managed to keep most of the little entertained with nail polish and doing Sophie's cute hair in curlers, I jut LOVE how stinkin' cute is is with the curlers and with her big beautiful curly hair!
Normally in the evening on Saturday conference we go and get a shake and fries with the Fergy clan, but we instead went with Grandma Potts to Five Guys for burgers, a place we have both been eager to try and it was DELICIOUS! Sophie especially loved the ketchup and just ate it straight! Phoebe loved the real peanuts that are served there, something my kiddos never had tried I guess because Phoebe said, "Mom these peanuts taste just like my peanut butter sandwich!"
Afterwards the kiddos came home all crazy & it took almost an hour to get them anywhere near bed. Here is a pic of Sophie being her rotten self; she has Josh trapped under the clothes basket crying while she is sitting on it laughing like a nut job.
We tried to carry on conference weekend as normal, but in the end I actually heard very little of it so luckily they have it in printed form, because I have been re-reading it all.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fergy Family Beach Day

On one of our last weeks in Oregon we finally made it back to the beach on a sunny-ish day, only stopping before hand for lunch at Burger King so we would have full and happy kiddos.

I truly think if Phoebe could pick only one place to play in the world it would be at the beach most every time. My kiddo love everything about the coast, outside of the wind and rain. The kids race down to the sand where Josh & Cami immediately begin digging and Phoebe races to the water to begin looking for shells. She also gets excited to find the occasional crab carcass or running from the waves.

Burring the kiddos in the sand is the ole stand by activity when they begin to get cold or too hot in the summer. 
This trip was a special occurrence because it was what is called a minus tide. It only happens a couple times a year and it is when the ocean tide is way far out leaving a ton more beach that is normally all submerged in water. Phoebe and Josh spent most of the time playing together walking through mini streams or pools. These two also met another brother and sister on the beach digging for clams which were a plenty due to the minus tide. They showed them how to dig quickly to find the clams, which Phoebe and Josh absolutely LOVED doing; Phoebe even got two, but I made her leave them at the beach.
Sophie set her mind to chasing all the bird away and would get frustrated that they would just go sit on the water right out of her reach; I had to remind her a time or two that we won't float on the water like bird do.
Cami  spent most of her time carrying around sticks and dragging grandma Potts up and down the beach on walks.
Lastly grandma Potts drew the letter P on the beach and then asked Phoebe what letter it was, what she had no problem identifying, but when she was asked what name starts with P, instead of answering her own she said, "PBS Kids". Yep we watch a lot of that in our house, I guess maybe too much.

Hopping into the Easter Fun!

Easter for the Fergy's was a fun one especially because it was wonderful weather and we got to spend it in Oregon, a first for my kiddos. We started with our traditional Resurrection rolls we filled the night before, fruit and juice.
We then got dressed in our cute Easter attire and even managed to snap a cute picture or two before Cami spilled Orange juice on her new white sweater before we even made it to church.
After church the kiddos speedily scarfed own their lunch and took a naps, because when we have early morning church the bunny doesn't visit our home until nap time. Phoebe was really excited to put out the two carrots she picked out at the store, they were some of the largest carrots I have ever seen in my life!
When the bunny finally hopped on over to u he didn't disappoint the kiddos got some awesome goodies! Not to mention the way cute baskets grandma/pa Potts filled for each of the kiddos. As an extra fun surprise the bunny also left me a whole loot of goodies in a new purse.
For dinner we had a ton of yumm-o food and got to have tons of fun playing around with Robert and aunt Lucy. The kiddos really enjoyed the desserts we made, an Easter basket cake and bunny tail truffles.
This Easter was a ton-of -fun for our little kiddos and I only wish we lived closer to grandma/pa Potts we so we could do it all again next year.