Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jumpin' into July

Lately I am eternally behind so I will post several of our fun events all in one post.

First Fruits of the Season
This is our first tomato of the season and we are mighty proud of it. We immediately cut it up and used it in a delicious sandwich.

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House
We had the opportunity this month to take a tour of the newest temple, Oquirrh Mountain. This open house was not as enjoyable as the draper open house, but mainly because Phoebe is teething and cranky and every little thing set her off into a fit. Example: Phoebe wanted to swim in the baptismal font and we had to tell her no, she continued to run back to the font several times before w could get far enough away, each time throwing a huge fit each time we picked her up to carry her back to the never coming elevator.

Primary Children's Hospital
Well our child finally did it...fall off the charts that is. She is 21 months and still 17 lbs. Our last Drs. apt showed she gained no weight in 2 months, but in fact lost 4 oz, so unfortunately it was finally enough to finally get the dx: Failure to Thrive. With this we had to go up to Primary's to get 2 days worth of tests done to see why she is not growing or wanting to eat. Below is a was a picture of her looking like Popeye at the end of her sweat chloride test. Phoebe actually loved this test and on the 2nd day of tests she sat on the Drs chair and threw her arms out thinking it was another one of these test, but the poor dumpling was highly saddened to find that it was actually a blood draw. After all the tests everything came back normal except one that showed a slight swelling in her body, but we don't know where and it could be affected by something as small as an ear infection or perhaps her teething. We have a hunch, however that she has a lactose sensitivity, but we cannot find a good milk substitute with all the vitamins and calories at the moment so she will have to stay on milk, which probably won't upset her since milk is one of her most favorite things in the whole world, besides chips, chocolate, and hot dogs.

Pioneers Day Parade Floats
Last Monday for FHE we went to check out the float preview for the Pioneers day Parades. We walked all around the giant event center checking out all the floats and trying to escape the boisterous echoing marching band, but no found no relief. Phoebe got a balloon bear which she loved unto it's death last weekend. We also got to vote on our favorite floats the top was the adult favorite and Phoebe's favorite was one where there were 3 eras of dancers jigging around on it, we forgot to get a picture of this float. The bottom picture is our stakes float, we felt it was one of the most boring ones there, but oddly enough it won awards in the parade.

Bees Game Night
Last Tuesday Night, the whole Fergy clan got together to enjoy a Bees baseball game. Grandpa Fergy works at the stadium so we enjoyed all the festivities as a 40% discount too, YEAH! We started the 100 degree night in some nice shady seats which helped knock off 15-20 degrees off the heat. Here we enjoyed our ball park dinner, especially the Kids Eat Free Night. After the sun set we moved to the grassy area so all the wee ones could run around. We didn't stay for the whole game since it was 10pm and there were still 2 endings left. The rest of he family, however, told us that we lost by 3 in the end score.
Since Grandpa Fergy works at the stadium, he pulled a few strings & got our family to participate in several of the game brakes. Below is a video of Alan (Pizza), Dave (Hot Dog) and Dakota- Megan's "bo" of the Night (Ice Cream) running a race in their costumes. As you can see Dave won, but all still received a free day pass to Boondocks.