Monday, March 23, 2009

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

Last week at this time we were enjoying the 75-80 degree temps of beautiful Vegas. This week back home we have snow, so I will take this chance to at least escape the cold again and reflect on the sunniness of Las Vegas.
We left on Saturday morning and drove down to Vegas to meet up with my parents who were doing a multi-state trip. This trip we chose not to stay on the strip, but instead at a casino 6 miles off the strip called Sam's Town. This turned out to be a great choice, because it was much more child friendly than normal casinos, not to mention much cheaper too. The casino had a huge atrium complete with anamatronic animals, waterfalls, and real topical trees and plants. Every night, the casino had a free laser light show, which Phoebe loved and we could watch from our room. Below is the view from our room and a bear Phoebe LOVED; she would just look at him and wave as long as we would let her.

Once Phoebe discovered the escalators is was all we could do to pull her away from wanting to go up and down on them all day long.

Phoebe unfortunately was cutting her molars on this trip which made meal times a nightmare! She screamed anytime we tried to do anything that she didn't want to do, which included eating. At one point an old couple in front of us even noticeably plugged their ears. To try and combat the crankiness naps were still an absolute necessity; however, she would only take naps in our bed, which we have never done before, but Daddy absolutely loved it.

We spent most of the trip just lounging with grandma & pa Potts, but on St. Paddy's Day we ventured down to the strip, a crazy experience! There were many in the wildest green attire they could throw together. We took the more conservative rout seeing as we weren't there to party, but to go to Phoebes' haven... M&M world. While there Grandpa Potts won a pot of gold M&Ms so we made it in and out of Mworld for free!

After the long walk to Mworld Phoebes and Grandma & Grandpa made their way back to the shuttle bus to the hotel while Cory and I stayed on the strip a bit longer. We visited another favorite spot pf mine, the Bellago. I love their flower & butterfly gardens inside, they really are amazing! These animals below are made from flowers.

After the Bellago, we made the trip to the Cesar's Palace Forum Shops, where we couldn't afford anything, even if we emptied our savings. Feeling extra poor after window shopping we wandered back to the shuttle bus and back to the hotel to relax and swim a little. The next morning we packed up and made the extra long trip home; it was extra long because we got lost for an hour when our exit was closed and were detoured down a random street. Overall, our trip was enjoyable, but I now understand why one would resort to NyQuiling their children.

Girls Day Out

Last year, the Fergy family women decided we would have an annual Girl's Day Out. This means we have activities ALL day long, and the dads take the wee ones for the day. This year Megan requested our day out coincide with the celebration for her birthday, March 7th. We started at Heidi's free make and take vinyl day where, I won the door prize, YEAH ME! As a consolation prize for Megan, we made her stand on her chair while she was given a little gift from Heidi.

After Heidi's we went to the Wood Connection to see all the cute things in stock...oh how I wish I was rich enough to do it all. After pinning over future craft projects, we headed to the Mayan for Lunch. This is a restaurant and show all in one. They have cliff divers and dancers act out a story about the ancient Mayan people which you enjoy mediocre food. Our seats this time were front and center which was great until one of the divers landed imperfectly and splashed us, at least we only had the chip appetizer out to get wet.

After lunch we ran to Ikea where I was proud to have only spent $2.99. A true success for me! After this we went back to Fergy mom's house to sit for a bit before the pizza dinner and cookie cake. After a filling lunch and a dinner that put everyone over the top we left again to walk around Target, and then to finish the day we all met at Coldstone for a bit of ice cream refreshment. By this point I couldn't eat anymore, but I knew a few who would love a little ice cream... Cory & Phoebes, so they joined us. After this, we went home to relax from the day.