Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Wonderful Fergy Family Christmas

Christmas in the Fergy household was clamer this year than years past. It started at 6 am when I awoke and began cooking breakfast and dinner and then at 7:30 both of my other lazy heads finally started to stire. I quickly set the mood for gift opening and ran to get the cutest and smallest of my ugly bugs. We then quickly began the whole present deal, which I thought would be fast since we couldn't keep Phoebs out of the gifts on Christmas Eve, she even opened one of my gifts, however, she was tired and didn't want to do anything but sit there and suck her thumb, so we opened all of her gifts for her. After gifts we all got dressed in our new Christmas clothes and sat and watched a movie...well I didn't watch the movie I cooke, but the rest of the family did. We ate dinner promtly at 2 pm and then headed over to Grandma Fergy's to give them their Christmas gift, season tickets to Desert Star. Over all we have a very wonderful Christmas and we were glad to finally have a white Christmas even if it wasn't until 7pm.

Christmas Eve Traditions

Every year on Christmas Eve we do a couple things, one go to the Fergy Family Dinner where we eat and then act out the nativity and two open the new PJs that the PJ elf made for us. (On a side note, this year the PJ elf also made us these cute stockings from scratch and she is stinkin' proud of them!) Below is a glance of the above mentioned Fergy family Traditions.
The Nativity Play:

I played Joseph, Cory played the Star, and Phoebe played Mary, that is until she got bored with the whole Christ's birth thing and threw Jesus out of the cradle and hopped in it herself. You only see Jesus in the cradle with her because we picked him up off his head from the floor and put him back in the cradle.

The PJ elf's special Fergy family PJs 2008:

It took Phoebe about 2 minutes before she soiled her shirt.

Christmas Dress

This year we dithered and churned over the question of the Christmas dress. In the beginning of December, we decided that the dresses were too expensive and that she did not need a dress that she could only wear one month. Towards the end of December, however, I felt differently so on he last Saturday before Christmas we drug the whole family to the mall, which I am pretty sure Cory still curses me over. We went to several shops that didn't even have anymore Christmas dresses still in stock. We found only two stores that carried what was becoming the elusive Christmas dress, Macy's and Gymboree. Macy's dresses were all $25.00+ and we didn't even love any of them, except one that was $45.00, way too much! This led us to finally end up at a store I NEVER shop in because I know it is too spendy, Gymboree. This shopping experience was, contrary to my presumptions, not only pleasing but affordable. We ended up with several dresses we loved and decided on a cute two piece jumper and turtle neck that she can wear thru may with no major residual sign of Christmasiness to it; total price with tax $23.50, yeah for us!

Crazy Hair

I never cease to be amazed at what a little static cling can do to human hair. This human electric machine turns over and over on the sofa until it looks like a lighting bolt just struck her and heaven help the poor soul she touches next, ZAP!!!


The pigtail hairdo is something that has been out of Phoebe's capacity for the last year. I tired once when she was 9 mos old, but she just shook her head so that I couldn't hold on and screamed at the top of her lungs. After seeing all the other cute little girls from church, however, I decided to try the infamous pigtail do again. This time I asked everyone how they got their wee one to sit still long enough and not scream; the overall answer, turn on the sink and let them play, so that is exactly what I did and miraculously it worked miracles. The first couple times Phoebe didn't really like me putting her hair up, but now she doesn't even notice me messing with her hair until I clip the bow at the end. I think she is stinkin' cute with her hair up!

For some reason now that she is use to bows on her head, Phoebe thinks that everything should go on her head. We have caught her several times trying to put socks on her head and we even snapped a picture with her pants on her head. Crazy girl.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lily's 1st Birthday

On December 10th, our little Lily Medico (Phoebs cousin) had her 1st Birthday, but we did not party until last night. Lily was dressed in her new birthday dress, which total coincidence, was almost exactly alike the dress Phoebs was wearing. We love dressing the cousins the same since they are so close in age, but it is even better when they show up looking the same. Above is a picture of our cuties. Below is a few pictures of the wild time that was had by all, except Phoebe she refused to eat, not even ice cream or cake...she is not my daughter.

Snow Day

Yesterday was the first time that Phoebs went out in the snow to play and by looking at the pics I would say it was pretty successful. She only started to cry when mean mom made her lay in the snow and make a snow angel. She mainly wanted to just hit the snow and push it around in different areas. When we pulled her out of the snow to sit next to the tree in our entry way for a picture, all she wanted to do was crawl back to the snow and play. Crawling, however, turned out to be a bit more difficult, due to her immense puffiness and then add to that her glove came off, the snow turned out to be just plain cold!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I Can't Put My Arms Down

This weekend was our almost annual trip to Temple Square to check out the spectacular light display. Last year we had to miss it due to the wee one being too wee, however, this year it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
As is usually the case in December in Utah, the season brought a chill in the air so we made sure Phoebs was absolutely bundled as much as possible, this caused many of the older folks laugh and point as we passed.
In the end, the crowds where too crazy and Phoebs didn't really enjoy watching the story of our Savior's birth so, we had to leave before every twinkle had been greatly admired, but that's okay because the car and house were warm and God's stompin' ground was not.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Elves

In celebration of the Christmas season upon us many of the Fergy family member went to check out the Elves display at Gardener Village. I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that it was a FREEZING outside with the wind blowing. I didn't have the proper winter attire for Phoebs with me so you will note she has a jacket over her lap as a blanket. I know I made about a thousand fashion mistakes with this attire.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Every year I go out shopping on Black Friday. I don't usually buy Christmas gifts, but cheap DVDs and cloths for me, this year was no exception. At 4:30 am Cory went shopping and at 5:30 am Phoebs & I were off to do a bit of shopping ourselves. We didn't make out like bandits on anything really special, but I still enjoy all the hustle and bustle that is Christmas shopping. Here is Phoebs looking through the ads for all the things she needs. All the shopping can wear a girl out; thank goodness daddy is always there to curl up on.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Food Ritual

Recently I stopped asking myself why the food must surround us at every meal instead of staying on our plate or in our bowl. This also means I have stopped trying to fight our wee one to eat off the spoon neatly or immediately pick up any food she drops or tosses on the floor. Instead I have discovered that our wee one is just too stubborn to have any help eating, she will eat, but only on her own terms. This means it must be dumped and when she gets out of her seat she will discover all the food she threw down there and eat that too as if it was a special treat. She is like a dog I had growing up, the food was not good until it was put on the floor first.

Book Club

Our ward is just starting a book club and it couldn't come at a better time for me. This week Phobe is still slowing recouping from her cold and ear infection and so at almost any given point this week, this is what you would see me doing. In the last week I have read 3 books and have just started my fourth. I have discovered I really enjoy reading especially when I have had a bunch of time to do it

Phoebe vs the M&M Machine

For my job I have an M&M machine & trampoline in my office. As I have had the tramp put up and the M&M machine hidden, this was the first time both were in plain site of our little busy curious Phoebs.
We will first cover her love of the tramp. The mini tramp has been very exciting for Phoebs; she has spent much of the time this week climbing on and off the tramp. Once this week, when climbing off, she went face first off the end. It was a bit scary for us all, but it taught her to now climb off bottom first. As she is beautifully demonstrating in this picture. (This is something we have been trying to teach her with the stairs, but until now she has not seen as needful to know.)
As a side note, Phoebs has also learned to bounce herself on the tramp which is one of the funniest things I have ever seen her do, it looks like she is wiggling her little bum all over the tramp and then quickly swinging her arms so she bounces.

This brings us to her second love, the M&M Machine. The second Phoebs spoted the big yellow M&M her eyes lit up and she was trying to figure out a way on how to reach it. Her best plan was to act like she wanted me to hold her and then when she is in my arms, she could reach out behind me and get it. (She is a smart little determined one.) After a while this got really old for me so I finally just set down the M&M machine with her on the tramp. I wasn't sure if she would be bright enough to work it after watching me only once getting an M&M out of it for her. Well as most of you know, chcolate is her most favorite food group in the world and once she knew that chocolate was hidden in tht brightly colored toy she had the will to figure out how I worked it...where there is a will there is a way, as shown below.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Birthday Pics

On Oct 12th our wee one turned 1 and to celebrate we took her to Olan Mills for her free Birthday pictures. Yesterday, I finally got to pick up these cute pictures of our Ugly Bug. (Unfotunatly this post is just a picture of the piture so the quality is a bit lacking)

Flakes Welcome Here

On Tuesday night at one of our monthly Enrichment groups I learned to Embroider with a cute Christmas pattern my neighbor Lexy designed herself. On Wednesday our beloved Phoebs fell sick with high fevers, an ear infection, and a terrific cold causing her to sleep all but 4 hours of the day; which left many hours for me finish my embroidering. I am now in the process of making this into a pillow to decorate our living room for the upcoming season.

The First Heavy Snow

This Wednesday was the first heavy snow fall of this year which was both an exciting and sad time for us in the Fergy Home. Our back yard all during the summer looked as the picture on the left. After the snow began to fall in increnemts of inches our most beloved Butterfly Tree began to slowly bow until it finally snaped and now lays top down on our patio. Cory now spends his time in the process of project save and bandage tree.

Phoebe's Horse

When Phoebe was first born I came across a little wooden rocking horse at DI for $5. I thought every child should have a rocking horse. Since I bought the horse Phoebe had taken little to no notice it until last week when I babysat Zoee, our neighbor girl. The horse was the first thing Zoee saw and insisted we take it downstairs so she could play with it. For nearly 2 hrs Zoee sat and rocked crazily on the horse. Watching Zoee rock and have fun on her horse sparked a bit of jealousy in Phoebe and for the past week Phoebs and her horses have been inseparable; she eats sleeps and plays on her horse nearly every waking moment.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Frighting Fun with the Fergy's

Last Friday was Halloween and come rain or shine all the Ferguson's went out Trick-or-Treating. There were only two other children besides out collecting all the candy so little to say we made out like Bandits. There was only a dusting of rain and other than that it was pretty much a perfect evening. When we got home we taught Phoebe the time ole' tradition of dumping out all your candy and then placing it in piles of other like candies. We then, however, divided the candy into Phoebe, Mommy & Daddy piles. Phoebe got all the Smarties & Hersey Bars, while Mommy and Daddy split the rest between us. To the right is a pic of Phoebe enjoying her most favorite food group....CHOCOLATE!