Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Locks of Love "Donation"

What happens when you can't be everywhere at once... nothing good.  Earlier this week I was down stairs with Cami finishing one of 90 projects left to do before our new arrival in 4 short weeks when Phoebe was upstairs playing with Josh.  These two playing together is usually a ominous situation, something I didn't think about until I came upstairs to see these chunks all over my bedroom floor.  
As my eyes doubled in size I quickly ran to locate the source of SO MUCH hair.  This "lovely" beautician's hair cut is what I found.  After quickly assessing all the damage it was quickly apparent that it was more than I could fix so I called my neighbor in a panic to come help help me out.
Phoebe sat pretty well for her first professional haircut done in our kitchen.  She really didn't like the cape so after only about 4 minutes we had to pull it off.
The results were pretty good I think and as an added bonus now we don't have to fight soo many tangles & tears when doing our hair.  After many many sessions of lecturing on why we stay out of mommy 7 daddy's bathroom drawers and that only mommy's cut hair, this confession & apology of our up and coming beautician. 

Oh kids, I hate when they are so naughty, but at the same time so cute you can't punish them without smiling and getting pictures/video of all their mayhem.

Doughnut Weekend

Ever since Cory have been married, General Conference weekend has been known as Doughnut Weekend (the only 2 weekends a year we get doughnuts).
This was the first time that Josh and Cami got to fully participate in doughnut weekend and they LOVED it!  Surprisingly enough Phoebe has never fully appreciated doughnut weekend, but at least with MUCH nagging Phoebs actually finished the 2 doughnuts we got her (1 for Sat and 1 for Sun) sometime on Monday. These two twiners didn't need any prodding to help eat heir doughnuts in fact they had a it that Phoebes was eating a doughnut on Monday and they weren't.
We love and look forward to the first weekend in April and October, of course 'cuse we get to hear the prophet, but also because we all get to load up the ole Fergy van and head to Wal-mart to load up for 2 days worth of delicious "fat free"  fried doughnuty goodness.