Monday, December 9, 2013

November Movie Fun

November was a bit busy around here and so we only had 2 movies madness times. One was actually just a date for Cory & I, we watched #42, the Jackie Robinson Movie and ate only food you find at a ball park.
The kiddos started a new tradition, the day before Thanksgiving they celebrated Thanksgiving Charley Brown style with toast, popcorn, pretzels, & candy. We didn't actually have jelly beans left so we substituted in old conversation hearts.
There aren't many movies, that celebrate Thanksgiving so we were a bit hard up for festive ideas, but just wait next month hopefully we will be loaded with fun movie madness ideas!

Celebrating Turkey Dayzz '13 Fergy Style

This was the fun year the twins finally got to make their own festive thanksgiving hats, every other year they just stole the one Phoebe made in school. One their hats it reads Cami is thankful for kitties, Jesus, mom & dad. Josh's hat reads that he is thankful for Jesus, family, & my home.
On Thanksgiving morning our whole family just hung out together in our pjs, thanks to my awesome day before food prep! In the morning I made the kids all watch the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade which they were all really against at first then upset when it finally ended.
For lunch we went to Grandma Fergy's for the big feast! Normally every other year we are the only family who comes, since my family is in Oregon, but this year the Medico's also were able to join us which is always fun to have a bigger gang. Everything always tastes delicious, but unfortunately this year Cory was sick and didn't get to try it all including one of my first ever cheesecakes, which turned out yumm-o and pretty good looking too!
After the feast we all sat together and went through the ads, one of my VERY favorite parts! Poor Sophie was so tired by that point she nearly feel out of her chair falling asleep so uncle Dave cuddled with her as fought going back to sleep.
When we got home I had a little bit until my mad shopping was to begin at 7pm so we enjoyed some more dessert!
That night I went shopping from 7-11, came home slept for a bit and went back out at 4:45, I made out pretty darn GREAT, in the shopping department. The day after Thanksgiving in our home is our family Thanksgiving, so we get all our own yummy leftovers. This year I made a 15 lb turkey and could stand to do a larger one next year! I learned 5 lbs of potatoes is WAAAY more than enough for our family and if you melt a cube of cream cheese in it, they turn out so creamy and leftover potatoes are still creaming and not lumpy.
This year once a week my kiddos filled out and colored a thankful sheet; this worked PERFECTLY for our family and the kids liked coloring the pg. 
Josh (colored a lot, but mainly red): Eyes, Diggers, House, Trees, Christmas Trees, Cat in the Hat, Faces, Presents, Duckies, Jesus, Trees/Leaves, Ballerinas, Water, Dirt /Sand, Windows, Fans, Food, Flowers, Uncle Davie, & Pumpkins.

Cami (mainly scribbled, next to Phoebe's pics): Trains, Jesus, Our house, Friends, Sophie's poopy diapers (Sophie is potty trained, so ???), Crayons, Tongues, Hands, Food, Toys, Clothes, Tummies, Killer whales, Grandma, & Homework.

Phoebe (colored perfectly & stayed neatly in the lines): Crayons, House, Clothes, Beds, Jesus/ Heavenly Father, Duckies, Parents, Home, Thanksgiving, Flowers, Food, Trees, Ballerinas, Family, Gift of Tongues, Our Room, & Books.

Sophie (colored very little, next to Josh's all red ones): Jesus, diggers, & our home
I really enjoyed all our Thanksgivings this year, it was relaxing & I wish every year could be as this year.