Monday, September 3, 2012

Two Buck Tuesday 2012

As we do every August we made our annual homage to Thanksgiving Point for two buck Tuesday. This year we made it to the gardens and the farm. We haven't been to the gardens for a couple years so it was nice to get to go back and it wasn't too hot outside which made it even that much better. Cami LOVED the gardens and we had to get after her several times not to pick the pretty flowers and she refused to stay in the stroller so we had to keep a close eye on her. Cami just enjoyed running a twirling on the paths as we walked, which you can sorta see in the picture below.
All the kids enjoyed seeing all the koi go crazy for the tiniest snip-it of food, I even enjoy it because I never seen so many fish in one spot before.
One of the best parts of the gardens is letting the kiddos run loose at the end up and down the huge hill in front of the largest man made waterfall as we sit and relax, we always save this bit for last we we need a break from pushing the strollers a couple miles around the gardens.
After the gardens we made our way over to the kiddos beloved farm to see all the animals and ride the horses. This yer we rushed a bit through the other animals because all were just eager to get to the pony riding.
Unfortunately, this year it was a SUPER long wait (30+ minutes)so the kids just one ride each. The twins LOVED riding for theor fist time and would have loved to go again. Phoebe on the other had was so excited to go but when it was her turn she didn't get the horse she wanted and she came UNGLUED! She screamed and cried the whole time because she was on a boy horse with a mustache and she wanted the girl horse with pretty purple reins and a braclet. Side note: he "braclet" as Phoebe called it  was really a muzzle for the horse that must be a nipper)
Well in spit of he HUGE tantrum Phoebe through I think the farm is still their favorite place to see and we will most likely still come back to it every year.