Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fergy Day of LOVE '12

This year the Fergy clan was full of L-O-V-E. The celebration started a day early for Phoebe's first year of handing out valentines and SHE chose to hand out pencils, so we found a cute way to fancy them up for V-day.
The next day we did our traditional valentines trail, which thanks to grandma & pa Potts was very plentiful!
This year was the first year the twins were excited for their trails and Josh even got a little over zealous and started in on Daddies peanut cup trail. Miss Sophie was throughly surprised at all the going-ons and was full of crazy faces! Luckily she isn't one for picking things up to eat so her trail was perfectly safe for her to crawl along.
Cory really went all out this year and supised me with a Celtic themed date, which started off with a dinner at McCool's (an Irish restaurant) then he got tickets to a Celtic Night, a performance that had 14 of Ireland's best dancers, singers & musicians.  He even wrapped up the tickets in some wrapping paper he designed & distressed  with an Irish Love Knot on it.
I got him a couple gifts which was hard since he allowed me to spend $0 dollars. The card and Red Robin gift was from my mom to us to use on a date night.
For breakfast this year I made pink doughnuts with glaze and love sprinkles. I think my sprinkle adding technique  could use a bit of work; they were way yummy even it they didn't look perfect.
After daddy left all the kids got dolled up in their new outfits for cute V-day pics.
We then carried out he second half of my gift for daddy. Which was a total surprise for him. It was all free for us. thanks to gift cards and vouchers. It was all Wizard of Oz themed because in the box I gave him a coupon for 2 tickets to see Wicked-er! at the Desert Star Play house (as soon as he will let me spend money again). Luckily Cory's sister is the receptionist at his office so I dropped off the sucker with our whole Lolli-pop Guild and then Megan dropped off the melted witches and tickets at 2 later times in the day.
After work Cory took me on our date,  I forgot to get a pic at the restaurant, but take my word for it that is the second time we have eaten there and it is way good! The performance was at the Kingsbury Hall at the UofU where every seat is good.
This Valentines Day was a lot of fun and though I can't say Celtic Nights was the best thing I have ever seen, it is always a great night when I am able to get out and do something fun with my taller half.

P.S. Mom, thanks so much for the million and a half stickers you sent the kids, as you can see Josh and Cami (both pictured below) have found great uses for them!