Friday, October 8, 2010

Just a Little Hocus Pocus

Every year our family looks forward to getting to visit all the witches at Gardner Village.  Last year, however,  my family went without me since I was still on bed rest, so I was doubly looking forward to it this year plus  we got to tag along this year with Amber, cousins & grandma which was exciting for Phoebs because she doesn't get to see her cousins all that often.
Phoebe, my sicko daughter who LOVES spiders,  had to have her picture taken by a big spider which she then pretended to be afraid of.
The 3 weest ones also had fun looking around at everything even though the expression on Cami's face might suggest otherwise.
One of Phoebs' favorite cousins (she has many) is Zack. They are about 7 mos apart, Phoebe being the elder, but Zack has about 5+ inches & 20+ pounds on Phoebs, but still they play pretty cutely together.
The whole gang together, minus grandma who is taking the pictures, for one last shot. This picture turned out cutely despite of how difficult it actually was to get all the kids happy for, they kept trading treats and wandering around, which is why I finally had to hole Phoebs on my lap.  Oh well...the gang had a ton & now I can't wait until Dec so we can visit the elves when they arrive.