Monday, December 22, 2014

November 2014 Tidbits

The beginning November was a milestone in our Fergy Family NO MORE THUMB SUCKERS! To celebrate I let Sophie and Cami pick out a toy, Sophie picked out Flint Ryder  and Cami choose a Play-mobile doll set. I then let the kiddos stay up a bit later for an ice-cream party. Cami still every once in a while sucks her thumb, but it's not an everyday issue and we are working on eliminating that.
This year we also baked pumpkin seed as requested by Phoebe. I made two batches, one cinnamon sugar and one savory with a chexmix like seasoning, which was my favorite.
In November I also finished my lat Young Women's project to earn my Personal Progress Medallion. The string art temple was my last project, I made a couple of them to fill my 10 hr requirement.
Costco also put out all their Christmas toy, including this humongous teddy bear, that Cami wanted, but I told her it wouldn't fit in the van. She then corrected me saying it didn't need to go in the van Santa could bring it in his sleigh.
Cory got 2 ticket from his boss to go see the Utah Oregon game where he sat in the middle of the Utah season ticket holders to watch the Duck trample the Utes.
The twin learned how to make breakfast for daddy and were so proud for him to eat their "yummy" butter with a side of bagel breakfast.
I have to admit I am a sucker for cute sleeping pics, including this one like father like son.
We got our first hint of snow in November and unfortunately we haven't see hardly any of the white stuff since.
Josh has always been my cuddly lovey boy. He doesn't like to be by himself and he LOVE his twiner Cami. One day when I walked by I saw these two cuddled like this watching TV.
I once saw this punishment for kids not getting a long on FB so one day when these girls could not go 5 minutes without fighting I pulled out the shirt and made them both wear it for 30 minutes, it worked like a charm! This is my new favorite fighting punishment. Plus it makes for the BEST picture!
I finally have been convinced to start attending the free workout classes offered in our area 3xs a week. It is nice I am able to bring all my little workout buddies, but I look forward to the day I will no longer have to workout and then check to make sure there is no trouble with my kiddos happening.
In November the 3 older kiddos when for their annual checkups and they were thrilled that no one had to get shots this time! The kiddos stats were as follows:

Weight: 33 lbs (Not on Charts)
Height: 41.5 in (Not on Charts)

Weight: 39 lbs 2 oz (45% for girls)
Height: 43.2 in (60-65% for girls)

Weight: 43 lbs (60-65% for boys)
Height: 43.7 in (60-65% for boys)
One Saturday we took the kiddos to see a local Elk and buffalo farm, all the kiddos though it was really cool, but unfortunately, we couldn't stay long since the wind was so bitter cold all we wanted to do was get back in the warm car and house.
We finished off the month with a couple of fun dates, one with all the adult Fergys where we ate at The Pie Underground and then shopped at City Creek. The other date was a stay-at home tailgating UofO date, which we of course won!
November was a busy month with Thanksgiving and gearing o for Christmas , but we still managed to do lots of fun stuff !

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gobble Fest 2014

Last year we started the tradition that the day before Thanksgiving we watch a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and also eat his fest or pretzels, toast, popcorn, and jellybeans (conversational hearts instead for us). Phoebe did point this year that they also have pick ice-cream, so next year I will have to try and remember to add it our feast.
We also started off the month making our thankful turkey and Fergy family tradition, although I have to admit we never once used it. Instead once a week we color thanksgiving pgs and write under it what we are thankful for. I had to take pictures of  the two cutest preschool Indians, unfortunately Josh was sick and missed that day. This year The Tankful sheets were full of good Items we are thankful for!
Cami was thankful for: Our Home, Food, Our House, Wonderful Days (wumbumble days), Thankful, Flowers (smell & pretty), Family, Prayers, Summer, Outside, Mom & Dad, Our play ground, Swings (wings), Our neighbors, Soup, Rabbits, Snow, Trees, Warm apple sauce, Dinner, Preschool, Winter, Fruit, & the World
Phoebe was thankful for: Family, Mom& Dad, House (haws), & Food.
Sophie was thankful for: Daddy, Food, Toys, Chocolate chips, Computers, Ladders, Pictures, Hair, Water, Rolls, Help from brother, Eating toast, Feeding birds, Feeding the kids, Watching shows, Mommy's help. Cooking the Turkey, Family, Paper, Our house, Curtains, Crayons, Movies, Walls, Windows, Clocks, Kids, Jesus, Outside, Chairs, Blinds, Cups & Mommy
Josh was thankful for:Our home, Temples, Jesus Christ of Latter -Day Saints, Missionaries, Fans that give cold air, Our itty bitty mouse, Cheese for the mouse, Traps for the mouse that snap it, Diggers, Our House, Out house doesn't have fire on it, Food, All the children in the world, Hair cut girl (Melinda Anderson), People, being able to play, Houses, Pumpkins, Turkeys, That turkeys live here so everyone can get a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.
Cory & I even made a thankful tree as a party of a stay at home date where we also had some Martinelli's and watched Dutch (one of the only adult Thanksgiving Movies I  could think of).

This year was the the year the whole Fergy clan gathered for Thanksgiving. We had our feast at Dave's home and as always, we had a TON of food. Cory took the whole giant drumstick and managed to eat 4 more plates in total! The kids had a blast all sitting together playing and eating.
Sophie wore herself right out eating and playing and took a short afternoon nap in daddy's arms.
Before dessert was served and while the dishes were being cleaned grandma Fergy had a fun craft for the kids to make cute Christmas wreaths.
Thanksgiving was a ton of fun this year, it's always one of my favorite holidays! Unfortunately, all of us are pretty advent "black Friday" shopper so we had to cut the fun short to get to all our awesome deals.
The next evening our small family always celebrates Thanksgiving on our own so we have all the delicious leftover all week long. This year the sister missionaries joined us for dinner which they were pretty excited about since they helped me the day before Thanksgiving with making the rolls and dessert. They did an awesome job, because it was all FABULOUS tatsting. This was another fabulous holiday and I look forward to it every year!

October Tidbits 2014

In October the kiddos finally got to wear their new fall school clothes, because it was finally cool enough, and Josh loved his new dinosaur short  that glowed in the dark. He said the girls are all going to love him because of his shirt. Cami found a new hobby and began whittling a wooden stick with her carving knife, don't worry it dulled the plastic knife more than it ever sharpened the stick.
We had our Fergy clan pictures i the beginning of October in a green pepper field in Kaysville. It was an early morning, beautiful lighting, but very muddy and a bit cold! Here are a few of the pics I took on my phone.
The twins are super sad and crying in this pic because I their their "pet" slug away.
This picture of Sophie all patriotic wasn't any special day, I jus through she was super cute!
We got a new big desk for our craft room thanks to the medico's cleaning out their garage, we hauled the desk down and a Phoebe up.
October brought many opportunities to perfect our push-up form with all the Oregon Ducks touchdown!
This fall has been usually warm and has given up some of the best sunrises I have ever seen.
To celebrate the first UEA break our family has ever had we started off with chocolate muffins and cocoa and then had popcorn and sleeping bags in the living room. Unfortunately, we packed all the fun into one day and the other 2 days off were spent recouping from our special fun day.
This pic of the two of us was a snap at the Jordan River temple after we went for the ward temple night.
Toward the end of the month we heard a radio commercial for a re-grand opening of a local Arby's and a chance to win $10,000 so we all went down to try our chances, little to say we didn't win, but we did get a DELICIOUS creme brulee shake and then a clown cam and taught our 3 oldest kids how to spin plates on sticks, whoch they really got a kick out of.
The new Arby's opening also gave the kids a chance for fun in a bounce house and custom balloon creations, which they always beg for!!!
Toward the end of October I planned a home-date night after the kiddos went to bed, Cory and I carved or decorated pumpkins, made s'mores in the oven and had yummy apple cider while watching ghost busters, something neither of us has seen in the last decade. This was pretty funny and something I will definatly repeat next year!