Friday, August 30, 2013

Water Bugs

Normally the summer is filled with many Fergy cousin swim parties, but this year due to extreme temps and many pregnant sisters we haven't hardly had a one. I had been looking forward to having a house to finally get to host swim parties, but due to the lack of a finished back yard we instead had to have an in-prompt to water party in my front yard. I turned on the sprinklers and and we had a water balloon fight.
It was still pretty hot outside so after only a few minutes of playing in the sprinklers we broke up the supply of otter pops to cool down.
After our quick cool down we began our 30 second water balloon toss. It is always amazing how it takes about 1 hr to fill enough balloons but only 30 sec-1 min to expend them all.
The water balloon toss was followed by a yummy potluck lunch, ways the best kind because then I don't have to make it all.
This was one of our shortest swim parties, normally they tend to be all day, but maybe next year everyone will feel more up to partying on and hopefully we will have a finished back yard to host a real rip roaring water fiesta!

Sandy Balloon Glow 2013

Last year we discovered the Sandy Balloon Festival so for the last year we have been looking forward to repeating the fun! I admit this year was a bit of a let down, because none of the other Fergys joined us and it was a bit windy so they didn't blow up any of the balloons. We did get to, however, play on the grass, hear local live music, and eat candy.
On the way back to the car we saw in the distance a balloon beginning to be blown up so we went and watched it, the kids were thrilled they got to see something after all. 
We only ever saw 2 balloons and we were guessing they were the renegade balloon handlers because there were several other balloon owners there with their trucks but no one else blew theirs up. The two that did get inflated were even still being blown a bit crazily everywhere in the wind so they did not allow any people in the balloon baskets. This hops of their year were an bit "deflated" due to the wind, but hopefully it will be much more fun next year!

End of July Tidbits

Here are a couple pics I forgot to add to the big July  post.

Here is Cami who smeared chocolate all over her face and when we asked her why she did it she told us because she wanted to be an Indian; I guess this is her war paint. Sophie thought it looked fun I guess, because she did it too.
On the last day in July we made it in to Fotofly to get our family's pics done. We have used this company for a couple years to get Christmas pics done at another location, but never have done pics at their studios. The kids actually had a blast doing their pics which was a first. Between pics and our viewing time we had an hour to kill so we went and got a yummy belated birthday treat for Cory at Coldstone.
The pictures turned out to be absolutely adorable, I love all of them, but here were my absolute favs of the shoot!