Friday, April 17, 2009

The Unusuals

So there is a new show on ABC called The Unusuals, I am pretty sure I have one of those, mine is called Phoebe. In the last month she has really started to become a toddler and enjoys doing strange things such as sitting and squeezing into places only she could fit. Example 1: she gets into my cupboard and empties out a space and then squeezes her little body right in between the tortilla maker and the blender, she then shuts the door and sits there in the dark. Example 2: Uncle Davey as a joke put her on top of Grandma's fridge, but it turns out she loved it there and didn't want to come down, this is now a routine thing to do. She is a strange child with little to no fear of anything.
On another note, this week was our 3 mo Drs appt and the stats are as pathetic as ever!
18 mo checkup stats:
Height: 30 in
Weight: 17.9 lbs
15 mo checkup stats:
Height: 29 1/2 in
Weight: 17.1 lbs
We have been threatened within an inch of our lives that if we do not gain serious weight in the next month we might be looking at a feeding tube. I need suggestions on how to get a picky eater (aka. food seems to disgust her) to eat both 100% protein a day and 150-200% of fiber a day. Her favorite foods are Chocolate and Cheese but we have to cut out the cheese from her diet now & we only get chocolate when we are a good eater, so almost never. Now I am struggling with how to trick some good foods into her, I need some help please! I have tried about everything I can think of so I am throwing it out to ya all now.