Thursday, April 2, 2009

March Madness

March seemed to have ended about 2 days after is started for us. The last two weeks seemed to slow down for us a bit luckily, but we still managed to pack in a few more big events.
Heartfelt Boutique:
Many of you have asked how Lexy and I did at our first boutique so here is the run down. I unfortunately didn't do anywhere as well as I wanted, in fact I didn't break even. Lexy did much better, in fact she was the highest selling bow maker there. With that said, however she didn't break even either. We ere both a bit discouraged, but luckily through some connections, we found a small boutique shop in town (Tiddlewinks) that has offered to sell our items in their store. Here is a few snapshots of our table.

Grandma's Easter Treat Party
Every year all of us Fergy girls and wee ones gather together to make easier candy. Normally we make tons of items with melted chocolate and caramel filling. This year, however, we decided to make a change so the kids could participate more with the treat making process. We opted to make Rice Krispie Treats in Easter molds and make a homemade version of Twix. The older children loved filling the molds with sticky Krispies and then adding fun sprinkles on top of the twix. The Younger children participated in more of the eating phase of this party, Zack Loved the Krispies, while Phoebe enjoyed more of the sprinkles.

Sandy 2nd Ward Talent Show
Last Friday our ward held a talent show and while we didn't perform in it we did bring a few talents of ours to display. Cory brought a few of his paintings and I made a delicious fruit pizza of thanks to Jalene for giving me her recipe for it. The talent show was a ton of fun, we all had a blast. Cory and I enjoyed the acts while Phoebe enjoyed dancing around with her new boa curiosity of the Primary presidency's chicken dance. I don't have any pictures of that night, but I do have some pics of Phoebe and her new boa, which I loath because it sheds everywhere, as shown below.