Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June's Date Night

Sorry there are a ton (8 in total) of posts.  A little over a week ago we lost our camera and only had large camera to take pics with, but no card reader to put them on the computer.  Yesterday, after a week of searching high and low I decided I had had enough of it and so I bought us a new small camera that would fit in my purse.  Today it was delivered & I really like it, but I think I would have liked it more had I not found our other camera last night. Ugggh! The fast way to find lost possessions in our house no matter how long they have been missing is to finally replace them.

As I wrote about in December enrolled Cory in the Date of the Month Club.  This year we have gotten to do lots of things we never get to such as go on dates in general, but also see movies, go bowling, watch plays etc.  This months date was a picnic.  I decided to have our date at home  so we didn't have to find a sitter, so after putting the kids down on Sat I went to KFC and set up a little picnic area in our back yard.  It was something we have never done before and tasted delicious!

Fergy Clan Photos 2010

Every year we have all the Fergy clan together for pictures.  This year the we had to gather on Fathers Day to do the pics because Ashley & Luis are moving this week to California.  We decided to do the photos in the same spot as last year because it was one of the only spots shady enough at 6:30pm to have decent photos.
Here are all 11 Fergy grandchildren.
Our Family photos, not our best year for pics due to Phoebes incessant wandering around, talking & over all lack of cooperation.
The tree middle cousins. I love this picture because all the 2 yrs olds are showing such wonderful posing position that show off their personalities.
The Five Fergy Gand Babies, Cami and Josh are sick of pictures.
The seven Fergy siblings.
Our last family Photo infront of this fun bright wall, this is my favorite picture.
Phoebe really just wanted to wonder around in this dark doorway cove where I sure bums sleep and people relieve themselves in.  She finds all the best spots to play around in.

Feather Mongrels

OH NO! Not another feather mongrel.  we have so many feathers around the house every time I think I have them all picked up I turn around to find more!!!  Everyday I have to fish feathers out of the twins hands or mouths. All the feather dive me crazy, but they are Phoebes beloveds. While Josh was scooting around the floor last week he picked up a stylish pink feather on his face and it stuck with him for quite a while. Josh was sporting his feather facial hair.
Here is his oldest sis when she was around one sporting her feather facial hair.

8 Mos Old

Here we are already 8 mos old, what happened to my babies.  This last month Cami learned to get on all fours and army crawl.  Josh hasn't don much new, he is just continent to be my calm baby boy.
A cute pic of he two playing together we actually they trade off stealing toys and bottles from each other.
Phoebe insisted on me taking her picture while I was taking the twins photos.  This picure made me laugh because she may act shy at times but really around the house she talks constantly in fact lately she is a broken record and repeats herself every 2 second, which drives me INSANE.  You can see she couldn't even stop talking for the picture.

Fathers Day

We started the Day with Daddy making his yummy fruit waffles.  I know he shouldn't have had to cook on his day, but he wanted waffles and he makes them better than me.  After breakfast while Daddy was in the shower, the kids helped me put out daddies awesome gifts, a photo book of Cory with the kids at various times, a bucket of  paint because he has been saying since last summer that wants to paint the upstairs and Avatar because he loved it and I got for $6 off Amazon (my go to shop for everything).
We had Cory's Fathers Day dinner on Saturday since there was a BBQ at moms on Sunday Night.  He chose to have Feta Steak, bacon wrapped green beans and rolls.  The green beans were a first for me and they weren't may favorite there is another green bean & bacon version that is way better.  The steak is a favorite of Cory's and I will post the recipe on my Food Blog.
As another gift Phoebe chose to wear this great hat with her outfit on Sunday which falls over her eyes ever 0.2 sec and she then blindly walk/bumps around.  Laughter, the priceless gift.

Early Summer Activities

Summer was slow to finally arrive, but are enjoying it now that it is here.   I have to admit for the most part our days are the same.  We make a mess of the house with dress-ups and toys and then eat, nap and repeat the mess part.  You can see one of her favored toys, aka, an ice cream bucket. Also, lately Phoebe has had this strange obsession with this Dalmatian costume.  The costume is only a size 6-9 mos so I surprised she can still get her into it and also it is all fleece and it is 90+ degrees outside so she immediately begins to sweat in it.  
In mid June I got to go up for a couple of days to Millcreek Canyon with my cub scouts to Cub country. The first day we went to Cub frontier camp where we learned a lot about Native Americans and life on the frontier This camp was a lot of fun and I leaned several things myself.  The second day we went to Galaxy Quest.  There is was FREEZING all day and we just did a bunch of random activities with star trek names, example, Klingon Archery.  I found the second day camp tediously long and unorganized.
In the middle of June all the Fergy sibling and spouses gathered to surprise mom & dad for their anniversary.  for Christmas Mom & Dad always get season tickets to Desert Star (a melodrama dinner theater) so when we heard they would be going to a play for their anniversary we all decided to surprise them by attending the play too.  We had a ton of fun watching the Sheik of Persia (a spoof on the Prince of Persia) together and I can't wait to all go again sometime!.

Party, Party, Party pt.2

IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED!!!  Phoebe is 20.0 lbs, however, so is Josh. (The scale read 20.5 because then she had a dress and diaper on)
About 3 weeks ago I decided to weigh Phoebes and I was elated to finally see 20.0 lbs so I thought I would Josh on to see how close he was and the scale read, 20.0lbs as well.  Just to make sure it wasn't the scale stuck on 20.0lbs, I weighed Cami, however, she was only 17.0lbs, Good it was real!  Since it seemed to be an impossibility for Phoebe to reach that elusive 20lb milestone (where you can technically turn around the car seat forward facing)  I planned to have a party when she finally reached 20lbs.  I invited all the family to join in the celebration.  We has a black & white theme which I was proud of because this was all planned while I was at church so it was make out of all the stuff we had in the house, thank goodness for food storage.
Everything turned out well especially the white cupcakes which were a new experiment, the white frosting was some of the best I have ever made! Even Cami joined in on the sugar fest, with an Oreo.
Phoebe is one of the daintiest eaters which is comical when compared to her other cousins her age.
We love Josh's chubbiness as you can see it is not something we often get to enjoy.  Cami most likely will not receive a 20 lb party of her own, umless she suddenly stops growing, but we'll celebrate her milestone by turning her car seat forward so she can enjoy a more exciting view when traveling

Walking Around in Circles

Everyday our family takes a walk together, in the hotter months we prefer to get up a bit early and go walking before Cory has to leave for work because it is often too sweltering in the evening for the kiddos to go walking.  Our walks lately have become more difficult because Phoebe insists on bringing something that is an annoying to walk around.
Example 1:
The wooden rooster that was mine as a child.  This needed to go walking with us, which meant you had to walk to the side so as not the constantly kick the rooster over.

Example 2:
Her stroller and bear most often have to come on our walks.  This is "wonderful" because then Phoebe is walking, which is somewhere between molasses and a snails pace.  She then also becomes tired of pushing the stroller and then we have to carry it around or even better yet her around.  Let me tell you it is no picnic when you are by yourself and you are pushing a double stroller and carrying Phoebes at the same time.
Sometimes, however, it is worth it all when you see her do things like give Mr. Bear a refreshing drink on a hot day of walking.