Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get Me to the Church on Time

On Saturday January 9 Cory's sister Ashley took the plunge, into holy matrimony that is. She and Luis Moreno got married in the SL Temple at 9am, so it was rather frigid outside when it came to pictures afterward, very much like my wedding day.
These were a few pictures taken at the temple.
If you wondering yes those are gummy bears on Phoebs' plate. This was the lunch in at Golden Corral and that was the only thing she would eat...I know horrible mom, but hey she still hasn't reached 20 lbs yet.

Here is cute BFFs/cousins Cami & Afton in their adorable dresses. They were part of the too cute for words table displays...well at our table anyway.

Ashley and Luis with the 11 Fergy Nieces & Nephews and 1 Moreno nephew. I think it looks like they inherited an instant family.

Their cake was beautiful and tasted really good too and that's saying a lot, I am not even really a cake enthusiast.

Here are our wee ones dressed in the same cute wedding reception outfits ready to go to church.

The twiners are dressed to the nines and ready to sleep through all of church yet again.
On the Monday following the wedding we all packed up and headed to mom for the present openings. We made them this FHE board in Spanish. I am personally really proud of this board. I think it turned out great and I want to make us a matching one, but in English.

While we were enjoying seeing all the gifts Ashley and Luis got Phoebe was downstairs showing cousin Lily how to raid grandmas flour storage. I wish I had a picture of the two of them covered, but this was the only picture I got before the two were vacuumed off. That's 3 times Phoebe has had a flour party in grandma Fergy's storage room. Poor grandma had to call the next day asking to borrow flour from us. Oh Phoebe!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby Blessings

Well it's been a while ago now, but on January 3rd the twins were blessed. Josh & Cami must be two very special wee ones, because we even had friends from Oregon come and participate in their blessings.
It is nearly impossible to get two happy babies in a picture.

Here is Josh with his two namesakes Josh & David.

Here is evidence despite how the first picture portrays Josh he is normally a very jolly fellow.

Thanks to everyone who came and shared in the blessing of our cutest twiners!