Tuesday, February 11, 2014

8 Years Down, Eternity To Go!

In the end of Dec Cory and I celebrated our 8 yr anniversary. Cory started the day off for my by making me a heart breakfast, what a cutie!
Right after lunch I surprised Cory by coming by his office to take him out for a fun activity. Earlier in the day I looked up what the gift for the 8 year anniversary is suppose to be and it said pottery so I then thought it would be a cute play on it of we went out to Color Me Mine and painted our own pottery, which is something we use to do when we were engaged.
Cory painted a cute yellow bird for Sophie's room and I painted a tree for next years ornament exchange.
Right after we painted we ran to Ikea and then Cory ran home and I got sub sandwiches to eat while we watched the UofO bowl game, which we ended up WINNING!

Anniversaries are pretty low key for us, but I think I like the having an activity to compliment the traditional years gift...I think I started a fun new tradition for us.