Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Utah 2011

For he 4 year in a row our family last night once again went to enjoy the light and music show that is Christmas Utah. Sure it is cheesy, but it's free and the kids really love it. I tried to make it extra special this year by giving the kids some hot chocolate while watching the 15 minute show, but it just made it so I couldn't get good pictures of them. Miss Sophie slept through the whole show, maybe next year she will catch it.

Phoebe's Preschool Christmas Program '11

In the middle of December Phoebe had her second preschool program this time celebrating Christmas. Once again it was adorable and funny to watch. After the program was over all the kids had a gift exchange. Phoebe was thrilled to get a stuffed lion holding a blanket.

Workin' at the "car" wash...

Last week Cory's office had another ribbon cutting ceremony for a new fire station opening, remembering now much the kids loved the last one we decided to do it all again!
Once again they had the truck wash, one of the kids MOST favorite activities. Phoebe scrubbed and polished away at that truck until there was not a drip of water left on it. Josh dried for a minute until he got board & Cami was mainly just too worried about the water they got on the ground spraying down the truck to actually dry any of the truck off.
ALL of our kiddos, even miss Sophie, enjoyed their fire hats and stickers this time without any injury of snapping themselves.
 Phoebe even got to sit in the drivers seat of the truck which she still tells about "driving" the truck.  This opening had a lot news coverage including the paper, a prominent local news corresponded "Big Budda" & another news station. We were hoping to get to see our kiddos on the new so we told Grandma Fergy to watch for them. Unfortunately, when the time came for the news we forgot and later found out that they had closeups of Phoebe doing her superb cleaning job on BOTH stations and now neither station has the videos they broadcasted on their sites.  NUTS!!!

I guess we will just have to do it all again at the next ribbon cutting next summer!!!

Santa is Everywhere you Want to Be

This year Santa had been prominently visiting all the Fergy kids; which is why I have pictures of all the kiddos with a diffident Santa. Visit #1 (twins) my camera battery died after only one picture. Visit #2 we happened to be at a store where Santa was and my camera died the night before leaving me with no picture of Phoebe & Santa. Visit #3 We finally were someplace Santa was with both a working camera and Sophie. 
 This year many of my neighbors were trying something with a Photo company called FotoFly, where a parent dresses up as Santa and you get promised adorable pictures, so I tricked Cory into coming (I omitted where and what we were doing until we arrived) and dressing up like Santa, which the kids loved...and yes I know they cut off Santa's head n the pics, that's the point so you think it really was Santa and not see just a  skinny Cory or some terrified kid as a stranger dressed weirdly holds them on their lap. I have to say I thought they were GREAT & definitely WILL be going back to do this again!
After the 5-10 min picture shoot you  for wait for 20 until they have your disc with all your edited pictures ready, so we watched an ice sculpting demo AMAZING!  I couldn't believe they made such delicate work starting with a chainsaw.
We also went and saw Santa's reigndeer on display, which was Phoebe's favorite part.
After we got our Photos we went down a couple block and drove through the holiday light display. It was not the best display ever, but the kids sure liked it a lot so I could see doing that again too. 
Overall this was a pretty fun night and if you find your self wondering what to do next year for some holiday fun give all this a whirl  we look forward yo next year when we will do it all again!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ruby Red Socking

Last year we started a new tradition auctioning off a Christmas stocking for charity. Last years theme was Baby's first Christmas, this year we chose the theme of The Wizard of Oz. To match the theme I made the stocking the Wicked Witch of the East's stripped stockings and Ruby Red Slipper. It took quite a bit of time to create so it would only be fitting that 3 days before it was to be turned in Cami got a hold of a permanent marker and colored all over it.  Here's the sad aftermath:
I LUCKILY was able to salvage the ruby ed slipper and re create the socking its self in a couple hours.  Here is the whole stocking and its goodies right before it went to auction. In case you can't tell it has the movie, some dress-up slipper and Glendala necklace, a wicked mug with 16 lollipops, and 4 collectors character barbies, which are VERY expensive.
I am happy to say that in the end the stocking sold for $200 to raise money for kids and their at Primary Children's Hospital. We are already brainstorming several idea themes for next year (pirates, foodie, dance/ballet). Got any great ideas???

Temple Square '11

We have already made our traditional homage down to see the lights at Temple Square. We try and pick one of the warmest days in December to do it so when I saw 42 degrees I figures it isn't gonna get much better and let me tell you it hasn't even been in about 10 degrees as warm since then. This year we went on a Monday instead of the traditional Friday that we have done every other year. We also went at 5:15pm instead of 6-6:30pm in years past and let me tell you it was WONDERFUL not even as 1/2 as crowed as years past. We were able to get several pictures when we weren't waiting for 50 others to move or pass. This year Uncle Davey and Grandma & pa Ferguson joined us which is always an extra treat!

7 Months Old

This month Sophie Marie turned seven months old and she is getting pretty tricksty. She has decided she only needs one marathon nap a day instead of two.  She can hold her own bottle, but refuses to most of the time.
She also gets on all fours all the time and can do a sort of army crawl, that involved ricking back and forth to get enough momentum to lung her body forward. This usually leads to some sort of funky break-dance kind of land which she is never happy with, but still continually does it.
Sophie still has no teeth and still is perpetually happy even if she is being neglected due to siblings taking up all the attention. Even though Sophie doesn't technically crawl yet she NEVER stays in one spot for long. She can barrel roll and wiggle to where eve she wants and often we she has wiggled her way under the Christmas tree to look at the lights. 

Due to her incessant wiggling this months photos took 2 days to get. Every time I set her down she immediatly did a pelvic thrush to try and crawl away.