Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ringing in the New Year!

For New Years eve this year we didn't stay up, not even close we were out for the count by 10:30pm so it was no biggy for our family to get up early and head out for a fun breakfast at Denny's. Denny's had a fun Lord of the Rings menu Cory wanted to try so we made the visit, but we were surprised to find out they were out of nearly every breakfast item on the menu; we joked,"Tell us what you do have left, it will be a much shorter list".
Sophie discovered syrup also doubles as a beverage, something I have never thought of before.
After breakfast we ran to Cory's office to grab a giant bookshelf they were tossing. The poor kids had the most awkward ride back home under the case. Our goal was to finally get the partially finished basement cleaned up and organized into a usable room for the new year. We really hadn't don anything with this room since we moved in the home in April, it was our unpacked boxes and misc item graveyard.
After many hours (2 days worth), however, we got the place all sorted away and I LOVE this space now. Cory got free carpet samples from his carpet vendor to the kids had a blast laying all of them out in a random pattern. I have a fun little sewing area, we have bookcases to pit all our books and random other trinkets, and I now am able to go and enjoy biking on our new free exercise bike 3 days a week.
It is fun to have a new usable room on the house and believe me we do use it, it is a big multipurpose & I love having it always clean!

December '13 Tid Bits

So to wind up the fun tidbits we did waaay back in December...
Phoebe has been really into make Cory and I little lunches, they usually consist of rolls, yogurt or cheeses. I also love the bow detail on the silverware to make it that much fancier.
Who can ever get enough of cuties falling asleep in random spots... not me, I love it and will grab my camera almost every time.
In December we had some good snow and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that this year my kiddos can now dress themselves in snow clothes and go play if they would like.
Josh & I discovered his little dud hair is now long enough to make a faux hawk, which he loves and asks for daily now.
Cory and I enjoyed our last Desert Star play for the year. We enjoyed many of the plays we saw last year, but probably won't buy season tickets again next year.
Some thing don't change due to the Christmas season, Sophie still managed multiple time to raid my gum & lippy and apply it LIBERALLY. Josh watched lots of shows about diggers; that particular show happened to be This Old House, which he just discovered he really like...he is such his father's son!
Right before Christmas I threw an impromptu gingerbread man decorating party. for the Fergy Clan. The kiddos had fun, but mainly just wanted to eat the candy and play with each other.
For Christmas the twins got their very own board games and we taught them connect four which Phoebe has really enjoyed and is pictured enjoying yet another victory over her sister.
Whit got a fun big whiteboard for Christmas so Phoebe of course snatched it right up and has had fun drawing all sorts of awesome pics on it.
In Dec I made a mad dash to finish up some of my 1/2 done crafts I had around the house since, Cory threatened me that if I didn't wind some of the undone things p he wouldn't let me start fun new ones. So her is Sophie's mum clock and the new January door wreath I completed.
For Christmas Grandma/pa Potts got the older girls new church dresses and I thought they were pretty cute in them so of course I took pics to document said cuteness.
December also brought many Dermatologist visits for the twiners, curse that bad eczema and complications there of!
December was so busy it came and went before I ever felt I knew what really happened, I am definitely looking forward to some quiet time now!