Tuesday, June 17, 2014

April Fergy Tidbits

We started off April with Sophie learning to ride a bike! Unlike the other Fergy kiddos this babe was a natural and took right to it like she had been doing it for years!

In the middle of April we lost Cory's grandma Wilke's. I am glad that all my kiddos got to meet her even if they were only a baby at the time. Luckily the sun was bright and the snow took a pause for us all to drive up into the snow mountains of Afton, Wy.
April also brought with it our 1 yr house anniversary and lost of the last minute house fixes, which included repairing cracked and sunken sidewalks. The kiddos LOVED having the digger so close to their house. (SIDE NOTE: Only Phoebe would be small enough to sit on the window seal that way.)
April was Phoebe's spring break and though we didn't really have anything too fun plan we did take an afternoon and explore Syracuse while daddy was busy working another job. We went to Krispy Kreme's for yummy doughnuts, 7-11 for slurpees & Dollar Tree to pick out a $1 dollar toy. Although it wan't really anything to awesome the kids had a blast! 
The last Saturday in April we had a community volunteer day at the local Jr. High and unfortunately it was POURING and I was on outside landscape duty. Although I don't look too bad in this pic let me reassure you I was 100% soaked and filthy!
The End of April also brought with it a friends wedding and one of the funniest Fergy dance scenes I have ever witnessed.

At first Phoebe was too shy to bust a move but after gaining some courage off Cami's love to perform, the two cut quite the rug out on the dance floor!