Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Noteworthy Moment

It's true after a long dry spell (18 mos) I have proof that she can and does occasionally eat.

I admit it I come from a family that would only be described as spaghetti snobs. I believe without a doubt my mom's marinara is some of the best ever! I don't remember tasting canned spaghetti sauce before collage and I still have a bit of a hard time recognizing it as edible. It has not been unheard of that my mom has complained to a waiter or two that she could make better spaghetti sauce with a bottle of ketchup (very embarrassing). I learned to cook from the best, my mom, and I am glad to see that my wee one can even recognize a good thing when she tastes it.

Garden Gnomes

My mom once told me that every garden needs gnomes because they are good luck; I wonder if she had this kind of gnome in mind?? So far, we have seen lots of success in the garden and maybe it is due to this gnome in the garden or maybe it is due to her strict regiment of daily soil testing/ tasting.
Below are the bulbs we plated in October that came up and are beautifying our back yard. While we are enjoying the tulips now, we are most excited to witness that all of the other plants we planted last year are beginning to spring back to life (no pun intended). We were afraid that our ZERO knowledge of gardening and hack job skills might have killed our beloved plants, but they survived! I guess mom was right garden gnomes, even 30" tall ones, bring good luck.