Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HKWC Stocking Event 2012

For the 3rd year in a row we participated in the Helping Kids With Cancer socking auction. This year I donated a kitchen kit I put together it even won honorable mention he highest honor for a non-architect or interior designer professional who enters (below is a clearer pic of the bowl, but some of the fun stuff was not in it yet). The charity even re-auctioned off my Wizard of Oz Stcking stocking from the year before.
This year I not only got to participate in the stocking auction but also was asked to become a permanent member of the committee board Helping Kids With Cancer, which is an honor for me to be apart of.
My job on the the committee was to create and put together New Patient Diagnosis Bags. These are bags that are put together for patients who come to the children's hospital via the ER or Life Flight with a new cancer diagnosis. This is a project that is ever going and will require is putting together about 180 bags a year.
This was he first year that I also got the honor or handing out a stocking to one of the children in the hospital and it truly was a real blessing for me to experience and see how blessed me & my family are. Channel 2 News followed our charity around this year as the winner of Pay it Forward as we set up and passed out a couple of he stockings to the children in the hospital.
This is a wonderful opportunity I am able to participate in every year and I am already looking forward to and brain storming for next years great stocking to make & auction off.

Chriatmas at Temple Square 2012

As is always our tradition we made it a point to go see the dazzling light display at Temple Square. We chose the first Friday in December because it was a high of 40 which is practically balmy for a SLC December. On a side note I forgot to bring my coat that night so I did something I NEVER would have thought possible, I wore & zipped up with no problem Cory's small coat, WOOHOO for losing 54lbs!
This year we added Macy's amazing Christmas window displays to our temple square Christmas visit. These GIANT Christmas balls all turn and were made out of 100% edible candy.
These window displays were definitely worth the trip to see if you are in the area! Plus who wouldn't want to see the beautiful display at Temple Square again & again?

Santa Pics 2012

After discovering the ADORABLE Santa pics that Fotofly does with kiddos I have been excited all year to get back and do it again, definitely a tradition I will do EVERY year, because once again here are our cuties in their Christmas dresses & suit with Santa (Daddy)!
After our mini 5 minute photo session the kiddos got their first chance of the season to go see Santa and ell him what hey wanted. We had been practicing all week telling mommy what they were going to tell Santa, but  the twiners were a little overwhelmed when it was the real thing and forgot what they wanted, Cami sat quietly and Josh asked for the Lorax, a movie we already own. Good thing we had planned to see Santa again before Christmas!
After Santa we had 45 min to waste until our pics would be done so we went and visited the reindeer,  watched some of the amazing ice sculpting going on, got some dinner a the cafe. When pics were done we approved them and then took a drive through Thanksgiving Point's Light Display. The display is a bit overpriced for what it is, but we were there and the kiddos LOVE it.
This is one Monday night  tradition I have looked forward to repeating from last year though it wasn't quiet as smooth as last years trip we still all had fun and will be 100% into doing it again next year!

The Many Faces of Phoebe

Phoebe is my budding photographer one of her favorite things to do it to get a hold of my camera while I am not around and take pictures, lately her and her many facial expressions have been her photography muse. 

Here are a couple of the Photo shoot have discovered on my camera as I have unloaded pics on the computer.

Self portrait wih chocolate on her face &  her hat is one of my plastic food covers.
Her cousin Lily was the photographer at Thanksgiving.
The last couple photos are Phoebe now budding out to photographing sets she is specifically is setting up to photograph.