Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fatasy at the Bay

To kick off the Christmas season this year we tried a new adventure, Fantasy at the Bay. About 1 north of us (at Wheeler Bay) they hav a state park where they set up a HUGE display of lights and and Santa's workshop, so with the Fergy clan we went to visit. We were fortunate enough to catch a warmer day to visit so we weren't totally miserable outside. They kids were SOOO excited to get their wishes into Santa that when Santa visited our car before heading back to his workshop the kids just started yelling what they wanted, we then immediately had a talk about not talking that way to Santa and using polite words & tines when asking for things. When we got into Santa's workshop all the kiddos were a bit more calm in their requests. Josh wanted a digger, Cami an Eve toy (from the movie Wall-e), Phoebe wanted a barbie mermaid & Sophie requested a digger too.
Santa said he would work on it all and then gave them all suckers, which was thrilling for them!
After our visit we went with our cousins and waited for our turn on the carriage ride through the light display.
The kids LOVED the wagon ride through the lights, except for Josh who was disappointed that there was not actually hay on what was told to him was a hay ride through the lights.
This was a very fun and cute experience and I can defiantly see repeating this one fore years to come!

November '13 Fegy Tibits

November flew by soo fast here is just some of our misc happenings. I finally refinished a back garage sale mirror I bought in Oregon in the summer & painted our study grey(although you can't really tell in this pic).
We finished off the last snip its of our Halloween candy that darn Halloween witch didn't steal. We had a tiny bit of snow fall which Phoebe made sure to take advantage of.
We visited the dentist and unfortunately Phoebe had her first sugar bug :( Sophie started in a new nursery class and so the leaders could keep track of who was who they labeled all the kiddos backs, which I found humorous and genius!
Phoebe won a quiet contest in her class (note her ribbon sticker)...wish she showed us some of that quiet around here. Josh got ready for church one morning in his superhero dress-ups we had to RUN quickly and redress him into something a lot less stylish, but a bit more church appropriate.
We fully enjoyed the last couple days of above freezing temps we had by lounging and playing outside!
Cami got to give a scripture in Primary and Josh gave his first ever talk in church! Unfortunately, Cami didn't pull out the step stool all the way so you barely even see her over the podium. Josh is so tiring that when we finally come home just after 4 Josh and Sophie usually just fall asleep where ever they manage to sit still for 2 seconds.
In the end of November we got a first taste of cold weather and finally broke out the cuddle warm clothes and have spent our time playing, lounging and cuddling ever since to stay warm.
I am trilled to finally have de junk-i-fide our toy room , it needed it BADLY along with a few other items that had been sitting in a DI pile in the garage since we moved into the house 7 months earlier.
Josh and Cami were invited to their cousin Afton's 4th Birthday party and were suppose to dress up like prince and princess ready for a ball, but instead Josh wanted to dress up like a classy pirate and Cami created her own princess style in all pink.
Cory and I enjoyed a date downtown with the Mormon Tabernacle Bell Chior. We both struggled to stay awake through the entirely of the concert.
The Fergy women threw Megan her first baby shower for their wee baby boy due in January. Our food theme were yumm-o breakfast items, it was all DELISH!
Since it has been cold we spend all day indoors which means LOTS of warm baths, on of my kiddos favs. One day I came out to Josh and Cami's red carpet creation from their bath downstairs to Josh's bedroom upstairs. When I see this pic I automatically think of my SIL comment that they look like stairs of death, which is what I thought too and quickly picked up all the towels before anyone tried to test the death-stairs  theory.
Even though it was a busy month we didn't have any shortage of snuggling going on, I love when I catch moments of my kiddos happily/voluntarily snuggling their siblings.