Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fergy Football Fun

In the beginning of November Grandma Fergy had a fun idea to do a fun football celebration for all the grandkids because she saw tons of cute football theme food in stores, so we went ready in our game day player and cheerleader gear. We first started off with a fun football obstacle course, which my kids didn't really get. Cami mainly just ran around and Josh played in the leaves.
After playing out in the windy day we came inside and enjoyed a true Fergy football feast
Grandma also gave little footballs to all the boys and pom poms to all the little cheerleaders.
Afterward we went back outside and decorated our football themed cookies made up of trophies, helmets, & footballs.  Josh was a true conesure of frosing decorating, he knoew exactly what to do and didn't even eat the frosting.
Cami on the other hand didn't get any frosting on the cookie, it went straight from the bowl to her knife and into her mouth. made her really happy so I let her. 
Phoebe quickly got distracted from decorating her cookies, anything involving food isn't her favorite activity. Josh was the only one to eat his cookies, he went straight from decorating to sitting on grandmas stairs enjoying all 3 of his deliciously decorated treats.  
This was really a fun cue idea for a party and hopefully it will be a new Fergy football tradition!

Halloween Day'11

We started off our Halloween in the Fergy home with an orthodontic consultation for Cory, where we found out he has 2 options 1. Surgery for $40,000 or2. Braces for 2 years for $5,500. Gee can you guess what we will opt for??? After the consultation Grandma Fergy joined me for a bit-o-spooky fun at the aquarium where they had the rain forest section all spookified. The kids loved it especially this rat that bounced and made noises when you touched it.
After the aquarium we quickly trick-or-treated daddy office and then ran Phoebe to preschool, where later that day she had a Halloween program for family. While waiting Phoebe got board of sitting and decided to lay down, which made for pretty cute pics.
The class sang about 6 songs and Phoebe, who is normally anti-song & dance, even sang.  It was really cute and we were sad daddy had to miss it so we taped it all for him & we posted one of her songs here.
 After preschool we went home and began to get ready for our ward trunk-or-treat which was at 5 that night. I forgot to take pics, but we all looked the same as when we went to the Fergy Trunk or Treat 3 nights before.  After the ward trunk-or-treat we got our traditional Halloween night Chinese food (this is the only time all year we get it) and went home. We chose not to do door to door trick or treating 'cuse it was cold and the kids had enough candy already. Overall we had a pretty great Halloween.

One last note, because I am a mean mom the next morning I cleared out almost all the Halloween candy we accumulated between all the kids and I sent to work with daddy. My kids haven't missed it at all and I surely don't miss any of the fights/tantrums it would have caused.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trunk-or-Treating the Fergy Family

Every year the Fergys gather together the Friday before Halloween and have a Fergy Family Trunk-or-Treat so we can admire each others costumes. This year for Halloween our family chose the theme of Wizard of Oz. We chose this theme because Phoebe has been asking to be a witch for Halloween since last January & Josh is a real life cowardly lion. Cory protested greatly about having to dress up as the Tin Man, he wanted to 1. Not dress up at all & 2. If he had to dress up he wanted to be the All Knowing Wizard, but I vetoed both requests, because we needed the TinMan. I LOVED our family costumes this year!
Phoebe was naturally the wicked witch of the west, but her cousin also wanted in on our theme shoe SHE chose to be the "Dead Witch" aka the Wicked Witch of the East. So here are the two witchy sisters together.
Side Note: Do't you love the height difference, Lilly (on the right) is a whole head taller than Phoebe and she is 2 mos younger than Phoebe.
Grandma Fergy had a whole wonderful meal made including 2 cauldrons of homemade rootbeer or witches brew as we called it.
Josh being in TRUE character of a cowardly lion was scared of the witches brew and had to be held by daddy.
After eating our fantastic meal we all donned on coats over our costumes and went trunk-or-treating to each of the different Fergy Families.
Minus Afton,who is on Ireland & Sophie, who was sleeping, here are all the Fergy clan cousins. Showing all the candy loot.
Phoebe and Cami immediately dug into their candy and began to devour it. Josh was too tired to care about his treats.

IHOPping for FREE Food

The Friday before Halloween kiddos had so school & IHOP was having a deal for FREE Spooky Face Pancakes for kids so we thought it would be fun to gather everyone up and go. We met the Medico clan there at 7am, early enough daddies could also partake before they went to work. The kids were all still in pjs and we practically had the whole restaurant to ourselves besides 1 other couple in another corner.
You ca see the pancakes came with whip cream partial faces, but they also came with a little cup of candy so kids could decorate the rest of their spooky faces.
Cami's face only had 3 teeth, 'cause she ate the rest. Josh's pancake was complete 'cause we helped him.  Phoebe did her face all by herself and she pretty much ate NONE of it, so good thing it was free. 
Miss Sophie had a bottle and Cory and I got a real breakfast, so in the end it saved us no money, but the kids all enjoyed it especially because their cousins came to join in on all the fun.

Pumpkin' Paintin' Fun

This year we took the pumpkins we grew in our garden and let the kiddos pick one to paint except Cami who choose to paint one of the gourds we bought from the fruit stand. As you can see they all completes their own beautiful masterpieces
Miss Sophie did not get to paint her own pumpkin this year, but she did get to try rice cereal for the first, and as was the case with most of our children, she didn't not care for it much and spit most all of it out with a disgusted look on her face. Oh well, we will just be skipping this phase with her too and try again a little later with real food.