Friday, October 30, 2009

Babies On Board

Yesterday was the one week birthday of our newest additions, Camille (Cami) & Joshua (Joshie). They were born Thursday, October 22nd, Cami came out first at 8:02 am weighing 5.0lbs and measuring 18 ½ in long. Josh was the second out at 8:04am weighing 6.14 lbs and measuring 19 in long.

As a perk of delivering at Alta View Hospital (the orphan child of hospitals, as the one of the nurses described it) we were treated with a very soft full length robe and a dinner date night in our room. On another side note this hospitals also has some of the nicest nursing staff ever.

Because of the Swine Flu scare the hospital rules changed and you can only have two visitors at a time and NO children under 14, so unfortunately Phoebs had to wait to meet her siblings for 4 days, but it was no loss to her, because Grandma & pa Potts came to stay with her and they brought Phoebs’ beloved teacup poodles with them.

It has taken Phoebs some time to adjust, but she is starting to be a very cute & loving big sister.

Miscellaneous pictures of our hospital say & other family visits:

Terrible Twos Already

As of October 12th our wee Phoebs turned the dreaded “Terrible Two.” To document the milestone Uncle Davey took Phoebs to the international peace gardens for some pictures.

For the most part Phoebe has been the same ole' high energy curious toddler as ever, but every once and a while she applies her high energy to bad doing...the sad part is 1) this isn't our house , it's Grandma Fergy's & 2) This isn't the fist time this has happened, it is the 2nd time this month. To clean her off we have to vacuum her whole body, even her hair.