Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fergy Festivus 2009

Our Festivus began on Christmas Eve where we opened our traditional present of homemade pjs.

We then put treats out for Santa on our new special Cookies for Santa plate while the twins sat out on the couch livid they could not partake of the treats that everyone else were enjoying.
Sometime in the night Santa came to visit and this is what he left behind, a mini kitchen.
Below is Daddy coming down in the morning with his two girls, brother already came down with mommy who is obviously taking the picture. Phoebs got more into the presents this year which was a fun experience. When she opened her presents she exclaimed, "Wow!" Then she had to play with that present right then. This slowed the present opening experience WAY down. Below you can see her most beloved gift which came uncle Rob & aunt Lucy...a princess tea set. The twins also enjoyed all the Festivus presents, as you can obviously tell in Cami's picture as she is playing with her new giraffe blanket.
In the afternoon we enjoyed our delicious Christmas prepared by no other than my blessed hands. Phoebe turned out to LOVE the pork shoulder roast and still asks for, "Hamma" everyday at lunch. Also pictured is Phoebe's new princess cup which is a must have item for every drink.

After lunch everyone in the Fergy home enjoyed a good ole' fashion Christmas nap followed by a run by grandma/pa Fergy's home to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. We then returned home to put kids to bed and watch our new movies.

Where's your Smile?

In the last couple of weeks we have begun to discover smiling. As you can see Josh is better at it than Cami, but then again she is a tougher audience and it is harder to catch her rarer smiles.
This is just a crazy picture of Josh and if it doesn't make you chuckle then you are made of stone.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

2 Month Stats

Yesterday we made the trip into the Drs for the 2 mo check up and all 3 wee ones were weighed.

Phoebe 2.2yrs old: 19.9 lbs
Cami 2 mos old: 9.5 lbs & 22 in tall
Josh 2 mos old: 11.9 lbs & 22 in tall

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two Mos Old

Today our baby twiners are two months old and observe their new tricks, holding up their own heads. Brother is better at it than sister, but both can now at least stay upright for a quick picture.

Christmas Fancies

Since this was the last Sunday before Christmas, it was time to don on the fancy Christmas attire. Don't they all look so dapper?

Every Christmas the Fergy clan has a progressive dinner so we can admire everyone's Christmas decorations. This year our food theme was Mexican in honor of Luis joining our family in January. Unfortunately, he couldn't join though, because he had a last minute grad school interview in California. Here are cute pictures of the wee cousins all dressed up in their Christmas fancies.
Above: Cami & Afton Below: Jared & Josh

Every year we act out the nativity and here is a picture with all in their costumes. Cami was an angle and Josh was a Shepherd. Phoebe was a wandering wiseman (hints why she is not pictured), although when she was done with her costume she looked more like a pimp with several gold chains around her neck and a feather boa in her arms.

The next day Phoebs and I went down with the Medicos to look at the Elves at Gardener Village and you can see in the picture how much she loved it. She just really wanted to look at the ducks he whole time and quack, but since we were in a group I tried to keep us moving. This was completely unsatisfactory in her book. We finished the trip be getting hot cocoa and chocolate cookies at grandma's house so the trip was not a total lose for Phoebs.

Temple Square Lights

Last Friday we took our annual trip downtown to look at the lights at temple square. It was a reasonably warm night for December in SLC, around 35-40 degrees. It was still too cold for the wee twiners so grandma tended them while we made the trip. Despite the warmer night Phoebs got cold quickly and became cranky in the cold air.

Phoebs wanted to spend the whole night inside this warm visitors center. When we finally left to go look at the rest of the lights be became unhinged. After about an hour it was time to head back to grandma's house to warm up again with some warm soup.

Our Very Hungry Caterpillar Pt. 2

Last Monday while I was sick in bed Cory and Phoebs decided to finish the desert that we set out to make last Saturday before our hungry caterpillar destroyed the brownie.

Daddy and Phoebs did a pretty good job if you ask me, just like the picture next to it. You can see Phoebs enjoying her favorite part of the desert...the whippy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Very Hungry Catapillar

Last Saturday Night was the annual ward Christmas party and we were assigned to bring desert. I chose to make a yummy Chocolate Passion Bowl as pictured below.

But at last this was not to be for we had a very hungry caterpillar in our mists. While we were upstairs changing wee twiners into their party attire our lil' caterpillar was inching a chair over to the stove to eat through the cooling brownies on the stove. She then ran back up to where we were in the nursery and gave us a large incriminating smile with blacken brownie teeth and crumbs on her face. It was obvious what she had done to my desert. As seen below she had no sign of remorse.

After surveying the damage we contemplated what we should do. We could probably still make it and no one would be the wiser since the brownies were covered up or we could quick make some more brownies. In the end however, we opted to take the third choice, stop at the local bakery on the way to the church and buy a new desert, as pictured below.

Once at the Christmas party, our hungry caterpillar didn't stop. Within two seconds of taking off her coat she ran away from us and found the desert table where she stole a chocolate cupcake. She then proceeded to lick only the frosting off of it and then before we could stop her she ran again and grabbed another one off the table. After that point we kept her on our laps where she proceeded to steel all my deserts off my plate when no one was watching. As if she hadn't had enough sweets guess who comes bearing more?

Santa Clause! He had wrapped candy canes for all who paid him a visit, and thanks to our kind neighbor Phil for opening it for Phoebs so she could then proceed to have her 90th sugary item of the night. I am surprised we still managed to put her to bed before ten o'clock after all that sugar.

Gingerbread Men

Last Wednesday I decided to host a gingerbread decorating party and invite all the cousins. We started on Tuesday night by making the dough. Below is Phoebe's contribution, licking the beater clean in her princess dress.
All the cousins sat around the table and decorated with frosting, red&green chocolate chips and sprinkles. The most common type of decorating with the tough decoration. This is done when the frosting spatula goes directly from the frosting into the mouth followed by sprinkles without the middle man (the gingerbread man, that is).
Below is Grandma Fergy with 4 of her newest Fergy grand babies. In order from left to right is: Jared, Cami, Afton & Josh

The Last Fergy Instalment... Kye Craig

Last Monday, December 7th, the last Fergy baby instalment was born, Kye Craig Madsen. He was 7 lb 5 oz & rounded out the 5 Fergy baby to be born in the last 2 1/2 mos. To date he is the 11th Fergy grandchild.

Christmas Extravaganza

Last year we started the tradition of going to see this Christmas light display. It is a program that it 15 min long and it is synced to his own local radio station. We can sit in our own car while Phoebe goes wild dancing to the music and blinking lights. If you live around here I suggest going to see the lights. The location as well as live feed can be found on his website.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Fergy Debut

Yesterday was our first time back a church as a whole family in 4 mos. It had been so long since Phoebe was in nursery that she was a bit nervous as I left her. As for me, I was excited to get to dress the wee ones up in their church attire and finally get back in our normal Sunday routine. Josh was hesitant to go as you can see by his screaming pics, but once in his car seat he feel asleep and was out for the entirety of church. Cami was awake for the first 1/2 of church and then joined her brother in peaceful bliss for the second 1/2 of church. Besides trying to walk the halls with more things than I can actually hold (a purse, coat, carseat, diaper bag and a baby who didn't want to be set down), yesterday turned out to be an easy transition back in to our regular Sundays.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

1 Month Already

How time flys! As of Nov 22nd, the Fergy twins turned one month old.

Thanksgiving With The Fergy's

As is the norm for the Fergy Five, we spent the blessed food fest with the extended Fergy clan. We started celebrating the day by having Cami wake us up screaming hysterically at 5:45am. We ran into her room to discover her crying her first tears, so sad. After calming her down we had hoped to go back to sleep, but Phoebs then began screaming, "Mommy, Daddy," which she does every morning to let us know she is awake and would like to come out of her room. We then all went downstairs and as a holiday treat had Sister Rhoad's bake and serve caramel rolls. After that it was a blur of baking yams & pistachio salad while Cory played with Phoebs and bathed all 3 wee ones. We had planned on arriving at Grandma Fergy's around 10-11am, but finally at a bit past 12pm we arrived. Once there we waited for the finishing touches on the heavenly smelling meal and took some pics. Below are the twins next to the turkey, which out weight both of them combined, but wait that is not it...
We then added cousin Afton into the mix and yet the turkey still weighed more than all 3 of the wee ones COMBINED. The turkey weighed 25 lbs and the wee ones all together weighed no more than 24 lbs.
Here is our big eater stuffing herself. The first pic is all of the food placed on her plate. The second picture is when she finished eating. Yep that's right, NOTHING was touched. In fact the two pics are less than 5 minutes apart. All Phoebs did for dinner was dip a cracker into the green salad and then run off. The second picture wasn't even the 1st time in that 5 minutes that she left the table. The first time was during Dennis' prayer. She was sitting so reverently, but when the prayer didn't end after 20 seconds she got up and took her chair and left the room. Ugh, how are we ever going to teach this girl about good food if she can't even sit through a 1 minute prayer for the food.

Here the Fergy baby cousins during dinner time; they just got a jump start on the Thanksgiving nap fest.

After the meal was through, we cleaned up and then began the blessed tradition of looking through the Black Friday ads and planing who is going where and when, one of my very favorite parts! At the end of evening we traded our ornaments family ornaments (each yr we pick a theme & then each family makes or buys an ornament to give to each family) this year our theme was snowflakes (my snowflakes were starched and glittered ready made doilies). When we finished trading ornaments and eating desert it was 7pm and our wee ones were exhausted from a great, great Thanksgiving Day, so we headed home for a relaxing evening of our own.