Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cookies and Tea Please

Ever year Grandma Fergy has an annual V-day cookie decoration party. This party is not for the weak of stomach as the nieces usually make interesting combos of treats to stack on cookies, or suck the frosting out of the same bowl or knife you were using to decorate your cookies with. Despite the blatant health code violations, we always have fun and I have been excited to finally have a wee one of my own old enough to participate. Below is a cookie I decorated for Phoebe since she didn't understand the frosting on cookie concept, also pictured are 2 of Phoeb's cousins Emma and Lily who as you can easily see understand the whole frosting and treat concept.

For president's day this year we donned on our finest and enjoyed a very lovely tea party at Aunt Amber's with all the cousins and aunts. We first enjoyed craft time where we made delicate purses out of paper and ribbon; they really did turn out cute! I don't have a good picture of them but Amber does it you are curious to see them. After our craftiness we enjoyed cookies and technically it was a punch party and not a tea party at all, Oh well. Below are all the cousins. Emma is hidden, but pictured and Aunt Ashley, in a blatant attempted to win the best aunt ever title, donned on her finest tea party attire as well.

These two ladies below were so cute all dressed up!
These two young ladies always have to cheers when we have fancy glasses out.