Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Good ole Fergy Father's Day 2012

As was with the case on Mother's Day our Fergy Family did most of the Father's day celebrating on Saturday. We started with Cory taking Cami on her date while Phoebe Josh & I (Sophie was the lazy bum napping) spreading new bark dust & putting out IOU new flowers signs, I was going to actually buy and plant the new flowers, but SOMEONE (daddy) came home too late on Friday night for me to get out and get them. Later that night we went to Sweet Tooth Fairy and got some FREE Father's Day cookies, Sophie LOVED her double fudge one! We had to then hose all kiddos down after that mess. For an extra special treat after the kiddos went to bed, Cory and I made homemade Butterfinger ice-cream (WAY YUMMY) & watched our new movie, Sherlock Holmes 2.
On Sunday we were too rushed & tired to do a special breakfast although I had good intentions to.  Instead, Phoebe woke us up several times in the night running a high fever, same thing Josh had earlier in the week, it only lasts EXACTLY 24 hrs. Since it was Father's day I let Cory stay home with Phoebe while I took the rest to church, which he said, "Was the greatest Father's Day Gift Ever!" For dinner I made his favorite rubbed steak and attempted to make him the infamous Donna Shkapich Chocolate Cake. I made 2, the first one unfortunately fell apart as you may see in the picture, but once you put the frosting on it, it still looks totally awesome and tastes pretty much like I expect heaven to feel like. The second cake went to his dad for Father's Day since he LOVES chocolate and Cory's mom doesn't so he doesn't often get it.
We didn't go way out this year for Father's Day as far as gifts and activities, but I think everyone enjoyed the relaxing feel to our fun family holiday!

Our Sweet Sophie

Sophie is our most patient child and so she ofen gets overlooked. Such as when she is quietly sitting in her seat while I deal with three others screaming. This poor girl sat so well she eventually gave up and started her afternoon nap here.
Besides being our most patent child Sophie is also our very best eater! She will eat anything as long as we don't try and feed it to her. For example,  she LOVES enchiladas and went to town downing these suckers! she was so completely covered in sauce I couldn't help but take a pic. Good thing I had stripped her before dinner, the sauce was so potent in color it took a couple baths to get her the right color again.

On a side note I had to put these last couple of pics in just to remind us in the future how much Sophie LOVES to look out windows.  she stand on her tippy toes in our room to peek out the windows and she loves having her crib so she can see out the window. She stares out her window for long periods of time and it especially makes me laugh when I am out back and all of a sudden I heat her give a shout out to us and then peak her head out to look down on us.

You Have your Diamond Jubilee... We Have Nat'l Doughnut Day

On June 1st Cory's Mom called bright and early to wish us Happy Doughnut Day, a holiday I had never heard of before, but decided MUST be celebrated. To party it up right I sent a text to my neighbors that we would all be celebrating in the park with fresh doughnuts at lunch. I made 2 kids of doughnuts, chocolate baked & cinnamon sugar fried. This also was my very first experience with frying, something I am usually religiously against, but it actually turned out VERY delicious and wan't greasy or fired tasting at all!  At the end of the day I made near 70 chocolate doughnuts and 60+ Krispy Kreme style doughnuts
Th day was pretty warm and since there are no trees for shade at our neighborhood park we all sat in the shade of one of the buildings. It was fun o have such a good turn out of the neighborhood moms & kiddos. Phoebe even got a hold of my camera and took a couple pics of her friends that came to play and share doughnuts with her.
Grandma Fergy even stopped in to celebrate with us on this joyous holiday! All my kiddos LOVED eating way too many doughnuts, drinking yummy koolaid and playing in the park with all their friends. This is something we will definitely have to remember to celebrate in future years.

May's Daddy Dates

For daddy dates in May all the kids eventually had their dates all be it Josh and Cami's both were squeezed into the last couple days of May. 

For Phoebe's date she chose to one of the kid’s favorite spots – Wheeler Farm.  It was a little cooler that evening and all of the animals were very sociable, so Phoebe got a lot of chances to touch most of them.  She loved the silly little black lamb climbing up and standing on the daddy sheep. The goats were so hungry one of the smaller ones even climbed up inside the feeder to get more to eat.  Cory said that every time he goes with one of the kids, he amazed at how much fun it is for them (even when they've been there multiple times in the last few months already).  They love those animals!
The previous month, or whenever it was that it had been her date to see all the animals at Wheeler Farm, Cams and daddy, upon leaving, stumbled upon a new park which Cami really wanted to play on it, so they agreed that it would be their next date. Even with mother nature not cooperating (it rained the entire time), Cami still was determined that this park is where she wanted to go. She loved climbing up to the very topof the play equipment, but was not sure about the dark tube slide. After a couple runs down on Daddy’s lap, however, she was convinced and had a blast. While there they also saw & played wih all the little stone creatures who hung out at the playground.
Josh has always loved trucks, and since May was free admission to Kennecott’s large open-pit mine, he & daddy went to see some BIG TRUCKS! We also discovered that our little man is TERRIFIED of heights and would claw to get away from the look-out guardrail if Daddy tried to pick him up to see. Luckily we found a corner that was just chainlink fence and he could see everything with the comfort of having solid ground beneath his feet. Inside the visitor center Josh loved to run back and forth to all the toy trucks they had displayed. Josh's date, however, got cut early due to blasting at the mine, all visitors had to clear out which meant they only had a 15 minute visit, which is one of the reasons we later too another trip couple days later as a whole family.