Thursday, June 11, 2015

January 2015 Tidbits

We started off the new year with lots of snow left over from our Christmas snow storm about 9 in of the fluffy stuff, in fact we discovered it was soo fluffy that we wouldn't get a snowman to roll or stick together for we made a snow-mound and decorated him.
After the kiddos were good and frozen we went to Mom Fergy's and watch the Ducks soundly win the Pack 12 championship!
Josh got a new book for Christmas called I'm so Mad, which quickly became his favorite and we often found him "reading" it in his room. In January Josh also wrote me his very first note, an apology note, which he did on his own...I was highly impressed! Josh also a sock for preschool show and tell because the theme was blue. I really tried to get him to take ANYthing else, but he wasn't having it so he shared his blue sock.
Sophie finally joined the siblings in primary class as our little Sunbeam... Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!
Phoebe got to attend the Great to be Eight class and learn about baptism and activity days, she is super excited to be baptized this year.
My preschoolers made these brown things and brought them home. I thought they were home made potato heads, but they kids later told me they were the "black prophets that saved the world." It finally clicked that they were art projects for Martin Luther King Day. HaHaHa
Towards the end of the month we went up to the Elwell's house and celebrated little Leo's first birthday with fun snacks and a pinata.
For an early birthday present Cory took me out to dinner and then for a sleigh ride up to the ice castels which is something I have been really dying to see. I LOVED them, totally awesome and I was thrilled we were able to see them for the only 4 days they were open this year, since it was too warm of a winter for them to be maintained.
A couple days after the ice castle adventure I celebrated my 35th b-day. I got lots a fun things among which was a new vacuum from my parents something I REALLY needed!
We also took Phoebe in for her first blood tests on this day to rule out thyroid problems being part of her lack of growth issues.
For dessert we got cupcakes from Smith's and discovered that they have some of the best cupcakes and they are cheap, I know where we will now forever get our birthday treats!
In the very end of the month Phoebe's school was recognized by the French Government for their French program's excellence and were visited by French officials and received many new french books for their library and in return the kids gave a cute short French music concert.

December 2014 Tidbits

In the beginning of December the twins got some delayed B-day gits and they LOVED them! Josh especially loved his truck he napped with it and snacked with it, everywhere he went so did his new digger!
The first week in December we always go down to Thanksgiving point and get our Christmas pictures done with Cory dressed up as Santa and then also go see the real Santa, his reindeer and cool ice sculptures.
In December they finally opened the new Smith's Market Place by us and we were there for the grand opening, we met the mascot and got TON of free items!!!
In Dec we finally splurged a big and got a couple UofO items we had really been wanting and we also got to babysit little Chip and teach him how to say GO DUCKS and teach him how do his touchdown push-ups.
Sophie got the Daddy daughter date and Home Depot in December and made some holiday yard decor.
This year we tried a new Christmas activity, a live interactive nativity, Called the Journey to Bethlehem. We got passports and traveled like the Jews visiting small "villages"being pushed around like the Romans. It was partly outdoors and had long waits. A lot of the large Fergy family enjoyed it, but Cory and I thought it was ok to do once but are not dying to do it gain.
After preschool one day I thought all the kiddos were being adorable all doing their own things so I had to take a pic of Sophie sleeping Josh rushing to do Legos with his backpack still on and Cami lounging after a "tough" day at school
One of Phoebe's friends invited us to a free viewing of How to Train your Dragon 2. The kiddos had a lot of fun getting free food and prizes and then getting to visit Santa. When leaving I joked that Phoebe looked like Frodo so she posed while I snapped a pic of the two.
Our ward had a a Christmas party this year and the theme was Ugly Sweaters. Cory and I got got our UofO ugly sweater so we thought we should put the rest of the kiddos in their UofO clothes to match us. all the kiddos sang us couple Christmas songs and had a blast because they got to get up on the stage.
Making and decorating this frosted gingerbread tree is a tradition of our and it only lasts about 5 minutes until we start eating it!
Draper City did a new Christmas exhibit this year, a HUGE willow tree decked in 1000s of lights and 400+ twinkle lights. it was nicknamed the Tree of Life. With a name like that we had a short family home evening lesson one Monday, on the tree of Life and then packed up cookies and cocoa and went with out neighbors the Wahpols to go check it out and it did not disappoint it was really cool to see. We will definitely try and make it an annual trip.
This year we managed to make it to see the Temple Square Christmas lights a couple Fridays before Christmas, which I am glad we did because right after that it turned EXTREMELY cold and on Christmas we had a mega snow storm.
The Sunday before Christmas we all donned on our cute new Christmas outfits, thanks Grandma/pa Potts!
Right before Christmas Phoebe's school has a Christmas program and every grade sang one song, and then the whole French program came out and sang one french song.
Two nights after Christmas we finally got out to do our Christmas light scavenger hunt, it was fun, but unfortunately, a lot of neighbors had already turned off their lights for the year, note to self do it earlier next year. By the time we had checked 95% o the list of 1/2 of the kiddos had passed out.
Cami had fun playing in the big snow storm we had over Christmas break! I dared the girls one day to go out in their swim suit like it was summer one day, they begrudgingly finally did it so I owed them lots of yummy Hot cocoa and marshmallows!
One Monday night evening we took the family and spend FHE at our new Smith's and played games where they kids won TP or chocolate (guess what they chose) and Cory won pop, I won nothing, but had fun anyway
This year we celebrated our 9 yr anniversary. Instead of our normal dinner with went we did a mini stay-cation in exotic West Valley City it up a bit more. we started by going to see Into the Woods, followed by dinner at a very authentic Mexican restaurant, El Paisa Grill. They had no heat in the restaurant and it was -20 with the wind chill we we froze while we ate with our coats on. They also forgot to bring me my food, until long after Cory finished his dinner. By the time I got it it was cold so I had them remake it.
After dinner we wanted to go window shopping, but we were too frozen so we just went back to our hotel,which I had won a free night stay too. I gave Cory the picture I had framed and the goodies I packed in a willow basket ('cuse 9 yrs is the willow yr) that we were too full to eat. We just cranked up the heat to 85 to try and thaw our frozen selves out and watched tv before shortly falling asleep.
The next morning we got our complimentary breakfast and then did some furniture browsing before picking up the kiddos. It was a fun little stay-cation, and I would defiantly love to do it again!