Monday, August 23, 2010

10 Mos Old!

As of last Sunday the twiners are now 10 mos old.  Holy Cow!  
In the last month twiner have apparently decided on their own that they are ready to eat and now they eat food 2-3 times. They are still only on baby food, but it is really enjoyable to feed children who willingly open their mouths for food and do not scream that you are making them eat. 
These twins are the most mild mannered children you will probably ever meet.  They are happy to do just about anything and let you dress them up just for fun as with the case of these jackets. A neighbor of Cory's mom was having a garage sale and for a gift he gave a these two brand new coats from Old Navy for the twins.  Upon closer observation however, which he apparently did not give, the tags clearly read "Doggie Coats".  The family all laughed and laughed and told me I had to put them in them anyway and take pictures, so here they are.
These two are partners in crime sister is the speedy crawler in to EVERYTHING and brother is the slower patient bronze half of the duo. Cami learned to climb stairs this month and only took a week to figure out how climb around the chair that we use to block off the stairs; UGH this girl is trouble.  Brother has a good paced army crawl and seems happy to stick to it.  He doesn't try to stand or crawl in his knees.  He did get two more teeth this las month, however, and now he matched his sisters smile with 6 teeth in total.

Sister, Sister...There was never such a devoted sister

In the last couple of months as the twins have continued to become more mobile, Phoebe now recognizes two fun playmates.  She dresses them up and gives them toys to participate in her tea parties with (as is the case in the pictures below).
Phoebe enjoys holding the twins and asks for them to sit in her lap; they usually do not cooperate and wiggle out of her arms, so I new sit them beside her.  When we go to the playground Phoebe almost every time directly asks Cami to come play with her on the "twisty" slide.  I always have to tell her that Cami is too little to play on the twisty slide, but maybe next year.  Phoebe then usually says that she will hold Cami on he twisty slide...yeah I am sure that would end well.
Phoebe is our crazy girl, and in her own unique way she shows her love for her brother and sister more and more each day.  At least once a day she sneaks into the twins room where I find her in brother or sisters crib playing with them, unfortunately it is usually during their supposed nap time.  This morning however Cami was in her crib crying and Phoebe brought me her empty bottle and said "Mom make Cami a bottle please."  What a cute little girl.
As for this picture, it just shows what a tough girl this wee one is.  We didn't get the seatbelt locked into position so when we took a corner our wee one tipped.  She thought it was funny and luckily we were only about 1 mile from Cory's office so we could get her back upright and locked into position in no time.