Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Day '11

Our weeest turky was just about the same weight as our delicious turkey this Thanksgiving!
As we do every year we enjoyed a delicious thanksgiving meal at Grandma+pa Fergy's house. This year it was just us and Dave that joined so we ate at the table, the twins in highchairs & Sophie in her seat.
After our yummy meal it was actually warm enough to send Daddy outside with the kiddos and play while we cleaned up he kitchen. The kids had a TON of fun running out but I am sure they would have had more fun it their cousins could have been there too.
After playing & cleaning we layed the younger ones down for a good nap while the res of us read through the Black Friday Ads & enjoyed dessert. Then about 6 it was time to head up and rest up for the funnest shopping day of the year!

On Friday I went shopping at 4am and LOVED it! Most all of the stores were empty and I still got everything that I wanted.  After several hours of shopping it was time I donned on my apron and made our small Fergy Family Thanksgiving.  It was way good this year and I even made my own rolls from a new recipe I found, & they were some of the BEST I have EVER tasted.
Even with 2 giant Thanksgiving meals I an proud to say I kept my weight loss in check and continued to lose another 1 1/2 lbs this week for a total of 15 lbs!

When asking Phoebe what she was thankful for this year she said:
Princesses,  my baby (Sophie),  a warm house, Thanksgiving, my princess movies, warm blankets, warm food (how ironic for her since she NEVER eats), family, & my Ring-Around-the-Rosie (her new favorite thing to play).

3 Crazy Kids & A Thumb Sucker

Phoebe likes to on most days dress herself which usually turns out to be some crazy weirdie outfit, a fine example of such is noted above.
The twins are crazy high energy ALL the time and always are looking to make something into a game and this night it happened to be Phoebe's sunglasses which they fought over who got to wear and laugh running around in.  You also may not we had to start dressing Cami in her pjs backwards so she would STOP undressing herself down to her birthday suit every night.
About 2 wks ago Sophie decided that she was going to be a thumb sucker. Although she is really cute doing it  I mainly think, "Oh no not another one" so every time I see it I take it out of her mouth. It is a hard habit to break, Phoebe is 4 had we still can't get her to stop, so for Sophie's sake later I have stop it before it gets too habit forming.

Here Comes Trouble

After visiting my parents this summer my dad nicknamed Cami "Trouble." Cami is the sort you need to watch ALL the time; if you don't see her you need to worry about what she is into, climbing on, or breaking. On day last week I came down the stairs to this. Cami had emptied the powered sugar into a toy bucket, found a spoon, pushed a chair up the stove, climbed up on top and began having a snack of spoonfuls of powered sugar.
If she is walking towards you, just know that trouble is coming your way.

Double Datin' Daddy

Last year Cory took Phoebe out on a daddy daughter date to Disney on ice and Phoebe loved it so much that even a year later she still talked about it, so we just HAD to do it again. Cory took a quick cat nap with the twins before braving the crowds with Phoebs.
Cassie and her daddy joined Cory and Phoebe again this year, but also Katie and her daddy were able to join in the daddy daughter date. The gang took trax down town, Phoebe just LOVES the train and since she only rides it once a year she thinks it only runs to take people to the Disney show all year.
During intermission Cory took Phoebe to pick out a treat and once again she went with the mini pretzels. A girl after mommy's own heart.
The first half of the show had several mini Disney stories, but the second half was all dedicated to the princess. Phoebe told me when arriving home that they went and saw some Disney show ate lunch and then went to a second show all about the princesses!
After arriving home it wasn't much time before bed times and then Cory and I had our date. We had a tailgating date while watching the UofO Stanford game, which turned out to be a GREAT game! We donned on all our UofO gear and got out the UofO blanket to enjoy our game day food of wings, nachos, & cream soda. We also had a little date crasher come and join us; lucky for her she is so cute or we would have sent her right back to bed.
Final score:
Oregon 53 Stanford 30

Thankful Turkey Time 2011

I can't believe that our Thankful Turkey time has come and gone already. This year all of the family participated in the making of our Thankful Turkey, yes even Sophie helped out. Her little hands made up our wings.
In preschool Phoebe took 3 days to learn about the Pilgrims and Indians and on 2 different days she came home in the traditional hats they made in class.
Much to Phoebe demise, miss Cami stole the Indian headband wore it every opportunity she got.

6 Months!

As of the 5th, our Sophie turned 6 months old. This meant a 6 month Dr check up:

Weight: 15.10 lbs (50% for girls)
Height: 25 1/2 in (50% for girls)

In this last month Sophie has discovered her little has and feet and LOVES to chew on them. She also learned to sit up and continues to be the best natured baby in the whole world; she smiles almost all the time she is awake, even when she falls over when sitting up.
Sophie takes everything her siblings dish out with smiles most of the time which mean a TON of painful Cami kisses and getting items thrown at our head sometimes during tantrums. We just adore our little "wide mouth frog" and all of her constant smiles & LOUD singing at all times of the day and night.

The First Snow Day of Fun

We got our first real snow in the beginning of November this year and the kids were THRILLED.  The twins never really ventured out in the snow last year since they weren't walking yet so this was a first for them.  The kids were eager to get all the snow gear on which seemed like it took forever especially when they tried helping me by dressing themselves, hints why my gloves are on Cami's feet. We finally got all dressed up and I quickly realized Cami has out grown her coat so there is a big space between her gloves and end of the jacket sleeve and Josh has no snow shoes so he went out in furry clogs. Since this day, however, we have remedied most of our sizing issues.
The girls loved the snow and ran right out in it.  Josh, our cowardly lion, didn't like the crunch of the snow so he sat for the first while on the lawnmower out of the snow.
Phoebe was eager to make our version snowmen again so we brought out the old carrots and candy. The kids helped put on the smile, you might note how crooked they are.
I taught Phoebe how to make snow angles this year and she loved doing it so much she swished and swished her arms and legs until there was no snow left under her.
After we enjoyed all the snow in our yard and grabbed a snack off the snowman's face we walked to our neighborhood park to play.
The kids loved going down the snowy slides & walking through all the piles of untouched snow.
After we were all thoroughly frozen to the bone we walked home to take hot baths, drink hotcocoa & watch a movie together snuggled on the couch.