Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Candy Making Party

Yesterday we got to join in the annual Eater candy making party at Grandma Fergy's house. The kids all enjoyed making and decorating rice krispy treats in different easter molds.  Well my kids didn't make the treats so much as Phoebe mainly just at a buffet of all the different sprinkles out of a bowl.  
The twins who eat very little these days, due to teething, mainly suck to the jellybean and marshmallow food groups.
Maybe next year we will all get more into the spirit of decorating.

3 1/2, 18, 37

This week has been filled with milestones for all of our family. Phoebe in now 31/2, the twins are 18 mos (today) & as of yesterday I reached full term (37 wks). In celebration of 1/2+ year of growth we have all new stats for everyone.
Phoebe Elizabeth (3 1/2 yrs old)
Height: 34 1/2 in (not on chart)
Weight: 23.2lbs (not on chart)
Camille Cossette (18 mos old)
Height: 33 in (95% for girls)
Weight: 23.3lbs (40% for girls)
Joshua David (18 mos old)
Height: 32 in (50% for boys)
Weight: 22.6 lbs (10% for boys)
Mommy & Sophie Marie (37 wks pregnant)
Height: 60 in
Circumference: 54in

Misc pictures from the last month:
Cami and Josh are both climbers & LOVE to climb on the chairs and sit at or ON the table so to stop this we have to lay our chairs on their sides.
Josh is our resident electronics lover.  He races after anything remotely electronic even old phones.  He picks them up and has whole conversations on them.  He is probably one of our more talkative children, but if he is around anyone besides us will suddenly go as silent as the grave.

Fergy Egg hunt

Every year the whole Fergy clan gathers together for the Annual Fergy Family Breakfast & Egg hunt. This year we had delicious crepes with all the topping you could possible want.  Phoebe & the twins (who eat nothing lately due to teething) even ate multiple crepes.
After our breakfast dinner we had all the daddies hide the eggs for the the kiddos to find.  Phoebe did really well this year finding her own eggs to put in her basket. Grandma even got each of the grandkids their own  pool noodle and sun glasses to hunt out. Our kids LOVED the pool noodles a little too much and they have since been re-hid in our garage due to swinging them around and overall annoyances with them.
The twins were a little bit too young to get the egg find concept.  Josh just mainly ran around yard and tried to eat cousin Zach's eggs. Cami was more interested in the dog next door than finding eggs, until she discovered there was candy in the eggs, then she just sat down and started eating eggs.  Eventually daddy just had to go around the yard and find all the rest of their eggs for them.
Cousin Afton discovered the chocolate in her eggs too and downed a candy bar before she was found out.
Phoebe loved opening the eggs more than eating the candy inside of them so Mom & Dad scored well again in the candy department.  Man, will we be be sad once they begin to care that we eat most good candy.

April's Date Night: The Rainbow Connection

For April's date night I came up with the theme The Rainbow Connection. We invited our neighbors Krisi and Eddy over after we both had put our wee ones to bed for the festivities.  We began our rainbow theme date night by sculpting with $1.99 sculpting clay. To make things interesting we had rules to our sculptures..we had 25 different colors which we placed in he middle of the table & then took turns choosing one stick of color until all was gone. We had to use all of our clay in the sculpture and had only about 20 minutes to create our scenes.  Afterwards we voted for our winners...1st, 2nd 3rd, & Thanks for Trying. Can you guess who built what???
Jennie did the hamburger & fries, Cory did the duck pond, Our neighbor Krisi did the rock band and her husband Eddy did the braids/braided rug (left to our interpretation).
Cory won 1st place, Krisi was 2nd, I came in 3rd and Eddy got Thanks for Trying. After sculpting our master pieces we partook in Eddy's amazing rainbow cake.  It looks way rich, but it wasn't, it was just colored white cake which we then smothered in whip cream and strawberries.  It was so good we all had 2 helpings!
After our treat we played a game called pirates dice with rainbow colored dice, to match our theme night.  It was kind of a random date I made up, but it was cheap, fun & relaxing especially because I didn't do the cooking for it!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trying to Remember Why

Today has been one of those rough mommy days where I think I yelled at one point so loud I strained my voice... to my defense, I yell so I don't beat. So tonight I am blogging about some of the cute things my wee ones do so I remember why I stinkin' love them so much.

Lately, Cami has been really interested in dressing herself. She is always trying to unzip her pjs or put shoes on. Last week I came to get her after her nap to find she started to undress herself by taking her arm out of the sleeve & neck hole. She tried to put other outfits on, but couldn't figure it out how so instead she just carried those outfits with her under her chin as if they were put on correctly.
The twins can't make up their mind if they still need 2 naps a day so sometimes they sleep in the morning and sometimes they just play in their room for all of morning nap.  SOMETIMES, however, they do sleep in the morning and chose to play for all of afternoon nap, this is never ideal so luckily it doesn't happen often, but when it does we either get crank-o kids or wee ones who look like this at 6pm. This little man was so tired he slept right through dinner and the rest of the night.
Miss Phoebe has been our true trial lately, but even on days when I am near tears with frustration over her, she still manages to make me laugh. Such as when she get her arm or bulbous head stuck in her shirt she always tells me, "Help, I can't get this stinkin' shirt to work."  In fact she can work the word stinkin' in almost any sentence, which is humorous (ex. I stinkin' love you guts Mom). Phoebe also amazes me with all that she is learning lately.  I tired to joke with her a couple weeks ago about seeing a man on a lift under a bridge. I told her, "Look at that silly man way up there, get down silly man."  Her response was, "No, mom I fink their fixin' the bridge." How she figures these things out all on her own when we have NEVER even discusses anything remotely on that topic before never ceases  surprises me.
I love the funny face she is making in the first picture it is like she is giving the camera the stink eye... her smiles can sometimes be a bit special for pictures.

I guess I remember now why I love these rotten kids so much, hopefully they just got it all out of their systems today and tomorrow they will all be's to hoping!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Winter & Spring Sewing Endeavors

I know I haven't posted anything this year on my sewing endeavors so here is what I have been up to in a nut shell. 

For my resolution this year I wanted to still continuing sewing, but instead of doing one project a month my goal was 6 larger projects fir the year & to continue with taking misc sewing classes.  So far I have taken 4 sewing classes this year: sock monkeys (which I have yet to still finish mine), hair bow making, magic binding receiving blankets & machine binding.

Since I never finished the monkey and hair bows aren't worth picturing I will show you the blankets I have been making. First are the magic binding receiving blankets. I have loved making these simple blankets! They turn out cute every time and they are simple to make.  In fact so far I have made 6 of them.  I gave 3 away before I took pics, but here are the remaining 3 I still have.  Too bad I am not having a boy to use them, but god news for girls in my ward soon having one.
Next has been my largest sewing endeavor of the year, a new blanket for Sophie, but not just any blanket my very first real quilt.  I have made this mostly using scrap fabrics I had.  I have had to make a few runs to the fabric store for not only materials, but quilting instruction and advice, luckily I gave a good quilt store about 3 blocks away & they are more than willing to help a beginner out.
I haven't gotten to the binding yet, but I just took a classes on applying machine binding to quilts so hopefully this week I will finish that up.  So far I am really excited about how it has turned out. Especially since I have done all the quilting myself, I know the stitching isn't perfect, but I am still pretty proud of how it is turning out!

My next endeavors, within the next couple  weeks, are a mini quilted hanging banner and a Minky blanket so stay tuned for more of my sewing endeavors.