Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fergy Family September Tidbits

Back in September I finally broke down and bought my own canning supplies and learned how to cam all by myself. I ended up canning about  60 quarts of yummy peaches, winter we are ready for you now.
Phoebe has been taking a lot of interest in drawing and coloring in the last couple of months and now she is into drawing peace signs and hearts, a true little Eugen-ian at heart.
The girls have been having quiet a few sleep overs with each other, I guess being arms length away isn't close enough for them.
In the middle of Sept we got to meet our newest Fergy Clan member, cousin Olivia! Now only 3 more Fergy clan cousins to meet before the end of January comes.
I put together an xbox date one night for Cory and I, we actually had a lot of fun and got in a little exercise. We played sports where he barley beat me in track in field and bowling and I kicked his can in boxing and volleyball. We followed up our date by making delicious homemade smoothies.
Towards the end of Sept we finally got in one of the Fergy Clans classic delicious Dutch oven dinners!
September for Sophie meant long hours sitting down potty training. This is not something I planned on doing, but one morning Sophie woke up never having had success on the potty before and in a couple of days she mastered and bu October we were completely finished with diapers and pull-ups, even at night time!
She got to pick out her first big girl undies and you can see she is quite possessive over them.
Phoebe had school pictures which turned out adorable, and has continued to LOVE every moment of kindergarten.
Sophie has become our resident mouse and sneaks into food ever left unattended! Her and Josh also have shared their passion for "diggers" by watching out the bathroom window as our neighbor has been finishing his backyard.
September brought up several unwelcome cold snaps and we even saw our first glimpses of snow in the hills behind our house.
One day we took our normal monthly Costco load-up around noon time where we filled up on all the plentiful divine samples for lunch. YUMM!
The end of Sept brought one of my favorite time, the LDS Womens Broadcast, which for our Fergy Clan means all the moms get together go get a delicious dinner, watch conference and then exchange one our favoirte things that costs only around a dollar! This is all the booty I came home with this year! Red Vines: Megan, Spatula: Amber, Apples Slices: Me, Mini Wisk: Mom, Nail Polish: Julie, & Tupperware Containers: Ahsley.
Our newest baby cousin Olivia got blessed, I didn't get any pics of the sleeping cutie though since she refused to wake up and join her own party. My kids, however, had a blast playing with their cousins and all their fun backyard toys.  
Looking back we did a lot of fun randoms things in September, lets home the weather holds out a little longer so October will have some more fun outdoor goodness in it too!