Thursday, December 24, 2009

2 Month Stats

Yesterday we made the trip into the Drs for the 2 mo check up and all 3 wee ones were weighed.

Phoebe 2.2yrs old: 19.9 lbs
Cami 2 mos old: 9.5 lbs & 22 in tall
Josh 2 mos old: 11.9 lbs & 22 in tall

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two Mos Old

Today our baby twiners are two months old and observe their new tricks, holding up their own heads. Brother is better at it than sister, but both can now at least stay upright for a quick picture.

Christmas Fancies

Since this was the last Sunday before Christmas, it was time to don on the fancy Christmas attire. Don't they all look so dapper?

Every Christmas the Fergy clan has a progressive dinner so we can admire everyone's Christmas decorations. This year our food theme was Mexican in honor of Luis joining our family in January. Unfortunately, he couldn't join though, because he had a last minute grad school interview in California. Here are cute pictures of the wee cousins all dressed up in their Christmas fancies.
Above: Cami & Afton Below: Jared & Josh

Every year we act out the nativity and here is a picture with all in their costumes. Cami was an angle and Josh was a Shepherd. Phoebe was a wandering wiseman (hints why she is not pictured), although when she was done with her costume she looked more like a pimp with several gold chains around her neck and a feather boa in her arms.

The next day Phoebs and I went down with the Medicos to look at the Elves at Gardener Village and you can see in the picture how much she loved it. She just really wanted to look at the ducks he whole time and quack, but since we were in a group I tried to keep us moving. This was completely unsatisfactory in her book. We finished the trip be getting hot cocoa and chocolate cookies at grandma's house so the trip was not a total lose for Phoebs.

Temple Square Lights

Last Friday we took our annual trip downtown to look at the lights at temple square. It was a reasonably warm night for December in SLC, around 35-40 degrees. It was still too cold for the wee twiners so grandma tended them while we made the trip. Despite the warmer night Phoebs got cold quickly and became cranky in the cold air.

Phoebs wanted to spend the whole night inside this warm visitors center. When we finally left to go look at the rest of the lights be became unhinged. After about an hour it was time to head back to grandma's house to warm up again with some warm soup.

Our Very Hungry Caterpillar Pt. 2

Last Monday while I was sick in bed Cory and Phoebs decided to finish the desert that we set out to make last Saturday before our hungry caterpillar destroyed the brownie.

Daddy and Phoebs did a pretty good job if you ask me, just like the picture next to it. You can see Phoebs enjoying her favorite part of the desert...the whippy.