Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend Recap (pt.2 Labor Day Fun)

Every year on labor day weekend we have our annual Fergy Family Camp-out in grandma/pa Fergy's backyard.  This year was the best yet!  We started our venture after church and brief naps.  When 't know  we arrived Grandma had kites for all the kids to choose from.  Phoebe chose a frog kite which she LOVES.  She doesn't know what a kite is or does, but we put it together and she likes holding it in the car. Brother got an airplane kite while Cami got a Ladybug one, theirs are still in the packaging waiting until their are old enough not to eat them.
We were then treated to dinner and a show, for dinner we had dutch oven potatoes and 2 yummy kinds of chicken.  I was on the fence about dutch oven cooking, but after this meal I am won over, it was DELICIOUS!  For the show we enjoyed Zack putting on cousin Lily's boots and then fighting her keep them on his feet and she was trying to rip them off saying no these are mine pink boots.
For dessert we rosted marshmallows in grandma's new fire pit. It was a lot if fun, but also nerve racking as the little kids refused to sit and kept running by the fire pit. Uncle Davey had to of course be different from the rest of use roasting with sticks he had to roast his mallow on a twig of a log.  
We chose not to camp with the rest of the family because as a general rule unless Cory and I are homeless we don't camp. The next morning however we got up early and went back to grandmas to eat and play more.  Cami and Josh both had their first times in the baby swing, as you can see by their faces, they loved it!  Phoebe insisted on being the one to do the pushing.
Phoebe loves to swing, but as brother and sister were occupying it Phoebe took it upon herself to find a ride of her own.  This a Barbie horse she is riding and you can see her and her cousin Lily didn't think it the slightest bit strange she is rinding this mini horse, in fact she wanted a turn, but only a 20 lbs Phoebe could ride this house with no damage to the horse.
This weekend was so much fun that I was truly sad when the time came to head home again.

Weekend Recap (pt.1 Misc Happening)

This past weekend my oldest niece Savannah turned 8 years old so she was able to be baptized in our church (LDS). It was a lot of fun to she how genuinely excited she was for her baptism. The service was nice and short since she was the only one on the program. Afterwards we enjoyed and wonderful lunch at her house and she shared with us a very wonderful testimony. She is soo grown up from when I first met her when she 3 yr old and she didn't speak much to me except to tell me that black was her favorite color.
For the rest of Saturday we were able to relax and enjoy family time.  On Sunday as we got ready for church we picked out the outfits but when I told Phoebe to pick out her shoes and socks she came out as we were dressing the twins and reveled to us her pick of shoes and socks. Oh silly girl!!!  I guess next time  I will have to be more specific on the shoes I want her to pick from.  Everyday Phoebe does at least one crazy  thing that catches us totally by surprise and is just cracks me up.

Say Say oh Playmate...

Everyday around here is getting better.  As the twins are more mobile and active, Phoebe turns to them to play with and relies less on me and movies to entertain her for 10hrs of the day (YEAH!). With is then comes the good and the bad.  I love that she wants to play with hem, but it is all too common to hear Phoebe in the twiners room playing around when they were or are suppose to be taking naps, in fact we have had many timeouts over it. When I walk in Phoebe is always in Cami's crib jumpin' round.  Cami laughs and thinks it's great fun unless her sister tangles her up in the net then she gets agitated.
The twins as they can both crawl & sit themselves up on their own follow each other to play with the same objects & or the same trouble.  I love that they crawl over and interact with each other on a constant bases, they really are going to be the best of friends.