Monday, January 26, 2009

Hair, Body & Crib Fun

This week I decided that I could do fancy hair for Phoebe and create two back piggy tails and I was proud of my accomplishment until Aunt Charisse had to way out do me and create a "web" in Phoebe's hair that even stayed in for 3 days apposed to the normal 4 hrs that my dos stay in Phoebe's hair. I don't think I am meant to have girly girls; I stink at hair and makeup.
This past week I have been painting a couple wood projects in time for Valentines day which has not gone unnoticed by our ever so observant Phoebo. She loves to now play with my dry paint plate and paintbrush. She carries that paintbrush all over the house pretending she is painting the couch, floor, stairs, etc.

Everyday when we come in to get Phoebe out of her crib it is amusing to see what she is up to. Sometimes she is standing and jumping, sometimes she is reading a book to herself she reached from the bookshelf, and sometimes she is just sitting swing her legs through the bars. She loves to play in her crib and sometimes we listen to her plating for hours before she falls asleep. One thing is for sure what ever she is up to in her crib it must be very troublesome because she says "uh-oh" about 75 times's like we live in a Cuckoo clock.

January's Resolution: Reverance

I wrote a couple weeks ago that it was a resolution of our to teach Phoebe one new nursery lesson/principal a month, this month we are teaching how to be reverent. I admit that is a big topic for our wee one so we broke it down to no screaming & no playing, during prayers instead we fold our arms and sit quietly; some days she is much better than others at accomplishing this. Since we have taught her to fold her arms to pray sometimes in the middle of the day at random times she folds her arms and is ready for prayers so we stop whatever we are doing and pray with her...we are trying to encourage this good behavior.
The nursery program recently received a new manual which I bought 2 weeks ago and it is suppose to be easier to teach from which I am thankful for as I am the newest nursery leader in our ward. Contrary to what many think of nursery I am excited to have this calling. I will not be in Phoebe's nursery, but in the 2yrs old+ nursery; I am happy about this. Also, for those of you who are not our neighbors, Cory also got a new calling last week: Asst. Ward Clerk (Financial Clerk)...he is not as excited about his calling as I am, but my lovable Penny Pincher will be good at his calling.