Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our baby Phoebs is TWO!

On Monday we celebrated our baby's 2nd birthday. It is hard to believe she is two already, the last year flew by! We started the day off early, as she unfortunately refuses to sleep past 5:30am anymore.

We started the party off with opening presents, but sadly she was more interested with the butterflies I drew on the window than opening any gifts.

After gifts and birthday pancakes (pancakes with extra whip cream on top) Phoebs got dressed in a new birthday outfit, complete with her birthday bow that is only put in commission, but once a year.

Phoebe & I then headed to the grocery store to pick out birthday cupcakes; I am too lazy/large to stand & take the time to make/decorate any at this point. The cupcakes we ended up with were chocolate minis with sprinkles. For her birthday dinner, Phoebe's suggestion was, "Nope" so an executive decision had to be made, which was cardboard pizzas, usually a favorite of hers.

After dinner was the exciting cupcakes and candles. She only ended up eating a bit of the frosting & all of the sprinkles. Hints why we only bought the mini cakes.

I was surprised that she understood our directions to blow out the candles and then kept with it until they both were out.

We loved celebrating every second with our cute babes and are so glad to have her as part of our family!!