Friday, April 20, 2012

Signing in the Rain

Earlier this week is was pouring outside and usually that means we just stay in and destroy the house, but this time Phoebe requested that they still get to play outside and since it was still warm I gave them each an umbrella and sent them out to play. You may note that at almost no point in time does Cami actually have the umbrella over her head.
(Don't you just love Josh;s new pjs they are reminiscent of Where's Waldo)

While he olders were outside playing Sophie found some creative fun of her own learning to climb in and out of the laundry baskets.

...I've trained them well

I had to laugh earlier this week when Josh spilled his milk, I was annoyed because I JUST had fished mopping the floor. Before I could say anything, however, Josh had hopped of his chair and picked up my mop and began to clean up his own spill...I have trained them well.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Time Fergy Fun


On Easter morning this year we were in a bit of a rush since we have 9am church so the Bunny didn't come until after naps. Instead, we ate our waaaay yummy resurrection roll with turned out perfectly hollow just as they were suppose to!  Phoebe insisted on eating her Eater breakfast with her bunny ears on to celebrate.
After eating we were able to get a few pics in before we left,  we were 5 minutes late, but worth it to get some cute pics before hair inevitable gets messed up at church.
After church Sophie unfortunately had to immediately go down for a nap, but the older 3 let me take a few more photos.
We then planted our magic beans to grow while we took naps. It was so nice this Easter I was thrilled to plant them outside. On a side note, Cami took the Phrase a little dirt don't hurt to heart as she quickly dug up a few of our magic beans and ate them before running off to naps. I LOVED having the bunny come at nap time because everyone was so eager for naps that they RAN to their beds (I told Phoebe the bunny won't come if anyone is awake). Even that wasn't fast enough for Phoebs she kept telling the twins they needed to go faster because she could, "Hear the bunny skipping to our is by the garage so we need to HURRY!"
This year the magic beans grew FISH!
The bunny got bubble bath for the 3 older and their own binder of file folder games. Sophie got a sippy and a book.
The kids of course LOVED their bubbles and after some instructions were amused with the file folders.  I told Phoebe the bunny brought fun stuff and she quickly corrected me and said, "No mom, you just made this stuff." Ahhh, smart kids are annoying; she didn't press the issue any further so I pretended I didn't just hear what she said.
After seeing the digs the Bunny brought, each of the kiddos got to see their GINORMOUS stash Grandma&pa Potts sent them for Easter, which I laid out on the grass outside. You will note Josh & Cami both zeroed in on the candy before I could even take the picture.
While we made calls to grandparents and great grandparents to wish all a happy Easter & finish dinner, the 3 olders fished and fished to their little hearts content & Sophie read her new book with daddy.
Cami once again attempted to shovel as much candy in her little mouth as possible, I am sooo glad she only had a little bit of it and didn't even miss it that much on Monday morning mommy bundled the rest up to go find a new home.
We then had a way delicious Easter dinner with our little family.
(Yes most all of our kiddos are naked because we didn't want to risk Easter outfits getting ruined.)
As a special treat, we got dressed in our pjs got to go and enjoy a long wonderful evening walk as a family before bedtimes.

'Twas the Night Before Easter...

After a bit of a rough dinner (it took Phoebe 1hr PLUS timeout time to finish her tidbit of delicious dinner) we finally got to dying Easter eggs, which turned out to be a MONUMENTAL FAIL. First of all I thought I would be prepared and buy a non spilling egg dying container that was nearly so impossible to put together that I told Cory I may or not  have been thinking expletives in my mind while trying to get the lids on the containers. After I finally got all the containers together we wanted to try this cool idea we saw on Pintrest where where you wrap rubber-bands tightly around eggs and wherever the band is no dye will be. That was another fail because the bands mainly weren't getting on tight enough and one we finally got on tight enough only to have the band snap lose in the dye spraying Josh & daddy's clothes with bright pick dye. Cory then ran to the laundry to scrub stain remover, hints who josh is topless in the picture. Our final fail was the dye was cheap and even after eterniy in the yellow and green the eggs nearly came out as white as  they went in ...UHGGG  we then moved on to the next project.
Wrapping our Resurrection rolls. This is an idea I have seen before but up until recently I have been yeast inept and had to avoid every recipe to do with it. This year, now that I am a yeast making pro, we finally make these fun rolls.  We took a little flatted out dough and a large marshmallow which we had to fight the kids not to just eat right away and wrapped with the dough in a ball, symbolizing Jesus in the tomb.
The kids LOVED this activity and we will DEFIANTLY be making this a new tradition for Easter eve! I especially love the fact that if you look closely you can see Cami's marshmallow has a big bite out of it.
After the rolls we took a minute to review why we celebrate Easter an then ran our way ready for bed tikes upstairs. On one last note, Cory and I both agreed next year the kids will just get markers just to color on eggs, we are burned out on egg dying for AT LEAST 2+ years, or if Cory gets is way FOREVER!

Fergy Easter Madess '12

Every year right before Easter he whole Fergy clan gathers for a delicious Easter brunch and Egg Hunt. Last year we started the tradition of a crepe bar and it is AMAZING!
We all ate down stairs which the kiddos loved. Phoebe & her cousins, Lily & Zach were making me laugh as I overheard parts of their conversation. Zach told me, as he put his arm around Phoebs, that he was going to marry Phoebe, which made her giggle...and cousin Lily started singing really loudly, "I love Phoebe, & Zach, Phoebe & Zach, Phoebe and Zaaaach!" The 3 of them are quiet the comedic trio.
There was even a little little picnic table for all the 2yrs and under to slop their food allover.
After breakfast all the dads went and hid eggs and other special prizes, while the moms fought to keep inpatient kids happy downstairs. After a brief set of special instructions all he kids were off! 
Phoebe knew what she was to do during an egg hunt so Cory & I mainly supervised the twiners. It took Cami about 2 eggs before she realized there was candy in them then all she wanted to do was open and eat immediately. It was a HUGE battle to get her to continue picking up eggs to put in her carton without stopping to eat the innards first. Eventually we collected all 12 of hers and she then went to pick out one of the fun big play balls Grandma&pa Fergy got for each of the grandkids.
Phoebe was the first of our kids to collect them all and she disn't even try to open any to get the candy, which isn't unusual for Phoebe "anti- any kind of food" Ferguson. Phoebe was quick to snatch up a purple ball, her favorite color.
Getting Josh to collect all 12 of his eggs was like slowly dragging 32lbs of dead weight behind you. He had no interest in collecting his eggs. He wanted to play and slide. then when we finally started picking up a few he decided he needed a breather and just sat down to kick up his feet. I had to drag him back out to "help" him collect the rest (I may or may not have been to tired of having him collect them that I filled the rest myself). Josh was one of the VERY last of 12 grandchildren to collect his eggs the only one slower was wee Sophie.

Sophie was thrilled with her eggs and tried to eat them plastic and all. When we picked out the big neon yellow ball for her you can see her ecstatic face, she LOVED banging on it!
Here is our little Fergy family after we completed our hunt with all our new bouncy balls!
Here is all the crazy balls that grandma Fergy picked out for each of the grandkids, they all our different.  For a great story about getting these all in the car and home make sure to watch the video at the bottom!
While grandma went off on her tangent about collecting the balls Cami thought she would seize the opportunity of all the adults being distracted to quickly shovel all her candy in her mouth...and she did eat most of it before anyone discovered her.
The weather was PERFECT for the egg hunt, which is really saying something since the day before it snowed, but Heavenly Father shined down his warm beautiful sunny 50+ degree mercy upon us and we all have a very enjoyable Fergy clan hunt.

Grandma's Crazy Ball Story: