Wednesday, July 27, 2011

31 & Together Again

Last Sunday, on the 24th, Cory celebrated his 31st B-day. I always enjoy when it is his birthday because then for 6 mos we are once again the same age and I don' have to be the old lady. This year we didn't begin the party until the afternoon when we got home from visiting Grandma Wilkes. I decorated the entry way table so when Daddy came in this is what he was greeted with.  Immediately after unloading the car it was present time, which the girls I think were the most excited about.
After some short naps and baths we headed over to Grandma/pa Fergy's house to enjoy brauts and dutch oven potatoes. You can see the twinners loved them so much they are picking at the scraps left in the pan.
Once again I chose to do a doughnut cake for Cory, this year however it was all made out of jelly filled doughnuts, his favorite.
You can see Cory was really excited for his jelly doughnut cake, well at least I like to think that's why he made that crazy face. I really don't know why he was making that face, my sister-in-law Julie was the photographer while I was getting and bringing out the "cake"
It was a pretty nice a relaxing birthday celebration this year so thanks Daddy for growing one year older with me and giving us a reason to party.

Such a Ton-o-Fun for Such a Small Town

Last weekend we made our annual homage to the small town of Afton,Wy to visit Cory's Grandma Wilkes.  This is something we look forward to every year because it means lots of fun walks in the country to look at cow, horses, deer & ducks.
We also get to get out any enjoy fun time in the Burger King playland, which was great this time because it was mostly empty and the kiddos could play and do what they wanted without bigger kids running them over.
Since we went this year over Pioneers Day weekend, Afton was having their annual Crazy Days celebration which involves chili cook-offs, bull riding & a fish scramble. We participated in the fish scramble which included sandbagging off the Main street of the small town and flooding it then pouring in 200 9 inch tiger troaut for  kids if all ages to catch with plastic bags.  This turned out to be a bit of a disaster for us for many reasons.  1. it was at2pm, nap time 2. It was really hot and they were late getting going so we had to stand around and wait 3. Phoebe didn't want to catch a fish with her bare hand, but instead of a plastic sack and we left ours in the car 4. We had to walk a way s to get to the event and our kids have a very short stamina for walking  5. The water was cold and our kids have no tolerance for that. Other than that it was a fun event and maybe someday when he kids are older they would enjoy doing it more.
At night we made our traditional camp fire for our kids to roast mallows & be eaten by mosquitoes. I m not sure it is possible to go to grandmas and come home without someone having at least one bite.  Josh enjoyed his GIANT marshmallow, the girls were mostly into just he roasting part and eating the chocolate & graham crackers.  As you can see Josh got a bit messy and sticky with his treat and our kids do not enjoy being messy or sticky so they quickly bailed on the campfire and went inside wanting baths.
We weren't at grandma's long, but the kids still got to enjoy lots of fun and partying with their great grandma Wilkes & aunt Carolyn.
Thanks for another fun trip family!

Summertime Fergy Fun

We live in a smaller home, especially for 4 kids and only have one car which means that we don't often get out so it is up to us to make our own creative fun, such as this box.  Several weeks ago I got some steaks in the mil I ordered and ever since then the kids have LOVED playing in the box and Styrofoam cooler they came in.  They have had their meals in these 2 boxes and have played several games of hide and seek in them too.
For outdoor fun the kiddos like sitting in our tiny sandbox I created from a storage bin, luckily I only have small kids so 2 can sit & play without any problems.
 We also have a fun wagon Grandma Fergy got the kids a couple years a go. We pull the kids around and around in circles in the yard, which is a little difficult seeing as w only have a 17x20 ft yard.
Right now the kids are really enjoying seeing all of our flowers beginning to bloom ans the grapevines grow with yummy grape goodness, their favorite!
To stay cool we sometimes splash in the sprinkler, but my kids much prefer to just strip down and enjoys some good ole fashion messy drippy Popsicles.
By far their favorite activity to do all together lately is playing in the sink. They all push chairs to the sink and stand and splash forever, my kitchen somewhat resembles a pool when they are done, which is annoying, but I try to take a deep breath & remind myself that at least it helps me maintain a constant nicely mopped floor.
I am really glad that these 3 kiddos are finally able to all play and enjoy several new actives together.

The Wind of Change in the Fergy House

Lately we have experienced some changes in the Fergy home.

1. My hair I went to get a cut and highlights and it came out much blonder with maroon highlights. I was shocked at first, but I am getting use to it and even learning to enjoy my bold change.
2. My baby twiners now believe they are too old for highchairs anymore. They look so grown up just sitting at the table in chairs.
Josh is especially cute falling asleep during lunch time which is now a more common occurrence since they refuse go to bed when we put them down and then wake up between 5:45-6am EVERY DAY!