Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1 Month

On June 5th, our wee Sophie turned 1 month old.  I can't believe a month has passed already; she is growing much too fast for my liking.
So far her sibling have LOVED having their itty bitty "Baby Sophie;" she is adorned with kisses at least 50 times a day from he twins and Phoebe asks to hold & feed her about 10 times a day.
This little one gets up only 1-2 times a night and for the most part is even a fast eater and then quickly drifts off to sleep again. Sophie is one of our most patient babies and will sit/lay awake in her bouncer or crib without  needing immediate attention. She loves to go on walks, she snuggles in her pouch and immediately drifts off to sleep. The only thing I don't love about this wee one is that she is already growing out of her newborn clothes as you can see by how much leg is showing in her pics.

Let the Summer Fun Finally Begin

This year, much to our dismay, has been another year where summer was slow to arrive. Now that it is finally hear, however, we spend many days outside enjoying our mini backyard. We play in the sandbox and tromp around on our sprinkler mat.
Phoebe now suggests almost every day that we have a picnic for one or two of our meals, which we usually do at lease once a day.
One activity that always kicks off the summer is the annual Fergy clan pics. This year, as you can tell by the pics, our chosen color was orange. I have yet to see the real pics, these were just ones I took with my camera, but I am hoping we got some cuter pics of our family this year.
I am thrilled that summer has finally arrived 'cuse mommy our home can't take too much more of the mess the typhoon trio leave in their wake.

The Swing & Other Baby Things

The twins LOVED their baby swing they were sad when we finally packed it up about 9 mos ago. Well, much to their relief we finally put it back up for Sophie, however, she rarely gets to be the one occupying it.
Every once in a while she gets to swing, but I don't thinks she loves it nearly as much as her older siblings.
The swing isn't the only baby item they have hijacked, the twins also love the baby bouncer and Cami can be found taking short cat naps in it often.
Even though the twiners LOVE Sophie's bouncer, she still gets to occupy it quite a bit, however, the batteries are constantly dying in it because 19 mo old little fingers like to turn on the sounds and vibrations every chance they get.
Let's hope for Sophie's sake she isn't going to be as slight as Phoebe, or she is never going to be able to stake claims from her bigger siblings on any of her things.

Old Spirit at Heart

Phoebe has always loved old people. She goes to pretty anyone who has white hair and adopts them as her grandparents. One example of this was at our ward activity a couple weeks ago, when we sat down to have dinner Phoebe refused to eat with us she instead wanted to sit at the only table of all 70+ yr olds, unfortunately, we are missing her beloved Grandpa Green in this picture, he had momentarily gotten up. She has no problem bridging the 70+ yr gap between her and the rest of the table with her conversation topics of what she did that day.