Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two Buck Tuesday (2)

Every Year Thanksgiving Point has 2 Buck Tuesdays where everyone can get into each venue for only 2 bucks instead of the normal $8. Last year we went to the largest Dinosaur museum in the nation and the farm.  This year I really wanted to see the gardens and then we made a return visit to the farm for Phoebs. The Gardens were amazing! They have kids gardens and then real gardens, me mainly blew by the kids garden because they were nothing special and there were too many kids playing on everything already. The grownup gardens house the worlds largest man made waterfalls, which is something I have always wanted to see.  You can walk above and below them.  Here is a shot at th top of them, note non of the kids would cooperate for a photo.
After the falls the gardens are laid out in a HUGE circle.  Next it was the rose gardens where a huge gorgeous wooden trellis surrounds one side of it. 
Besides specific gardens which all have names, such as the rose garden, fragrance garden, secret garden, etc...they just have tons of generic (no named) beautiful panoramic garden setups set around. 
The Italian garden was something to behold with all of its fountains.  I counted it is a 34 teared fountain.  The water garden has more Koy in its pond then I think I have ever seen in one spot before.  The fish have learned that people=food, so when they see your shadow hundreds of fish swim over just in hopes that you will throw a spec of food their way.  Of course Phoebe loved these two gardens with all the water and fish.
At the end of our walk we ended up at the bottom of the falls where they have a huge rolling hill that many kids were rolling down.  Phoebe however just wanted to make us run down it with her and carry her up multiple times.
After the gardens we stopped at the farm where Phoebe was on cloud nine with all the animals. We have always thought that she would be a great vet because she LOVES animals and has very little to no fear of any of them.
I even got to milk a cow which is something that I had never done before.  It was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. Phoebe found a fake sheep along the way and wanted to ride it, however it set a bad example for other kids who wanted to do what she was doing so we quickly had to get her down. For the last bit of fun at the farm Phoebe got to ride a pony two times.  This was a dream come true for her and she threw a fit when we finally told her that we couldn't ride it anymore.  Phoebe loved that pony and still asks almost everyday if she can ride a pony today.
Cami and Josh didn't get to ride a pony this year, but you as you can see, I don't think they minded.  They were leaning forward in their seats the whole time to take everything in and Cami even was reaching forward to y and pet some of the animals.  I am a mean mom and never let her, but that is mainly because I knew she would immediately stick her hands in her mouth 2 seconds after petting and the thought grossed me out.
On the way out we trued to put phoebe on the farm scale to see if she was any heavier but she refused to cooperate by herself so as you can see Phoebe and I together weigh 300 lbs s much as 3 newborn calves, I don't think the scale is entirely accurate in our defense. Well, maybe next year we will only weigh as much as 2 goats, which would be more accurate.
As a last note, they had this mini jail in the farm and I thought woun't it be great to have one of these at home.  What a great timeout spot it would be!