Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To

For the twins first birthday celebration I choose a simple theme that I could mostly prepare ahead of time since we were on vacation until the day before the party. The theme was cookies and milk so I made 5 different kinds of cookies and had 3 different kind of milk. I think everything turned out pretty cute except I wanted balloons on both sides of the table, but since the party was Sunday night I didn't know if the balloons would still stay inflated as cute from Saturday night when I would have to buy them, so sadly no balloons, oh well  you can just imagine 3 balloons sitting on both sides of the table in your mind. 
The twins never look really excited about any of their birthday celebrations, but I at least count it a bonus they weren't crying here which is saying a lot 'cuse they did at all the other celebrations we had & Cami was running a fever. In spite of sickness, both of them loved their devoured their cup cake or what they could eat of it before big ole' mean cousin Jared started stealing it off their trays. My poor babies always get picked on by whatever cousin Medico baby is their same age. (ie the Phoebe and her ice creamvideo proof of the indecent at the bottom of this post)
Phoebe and cute Cami (for the only picture she would cooperate for) in their birthday dresses from grandma Potts. Lastly, but not least the two cute birthday babes!
Since my lame sister-in-law hijack my camera to take a bunch of random and lame photos I decided to post this one of her I hope she is happy with it.
Phoebe and the ice cream cone VS cousin Lily Medico