Monday, April 6, 2009

George Banks Syndrome

As soon as things start to get back to normal, a curve ball is thrown to us again. Right now I feel a bit like George Banks on Father of the Bride, "All those how have it put together take one step forward. Whoa, not so fast George Banks." Thoroughly lost yet as to what I am saying? Let me explain.
I don' like April Fool's Day, I never have. I am just so gullible, I believe anything and I hate being made fun of or being lied to. Last Wednesday was that very dreaded day for me, but on the up side it was also our first OB visit for our newest wee one. YEP, I am Pregnant and was expected Nov.7th, but darn that April Fool's Day, it threw us a real curve ball this year, TWINS. I am now due sometime on October on or around Phoebe's Birthday. I have to admit I was in complete shock, and if I hadn't seen and taken home pictures of the ultrasound I am sure I wouldn't have believed the Dr. or would have convinced myself I heard wrong. As we called our family to share the exciting news many of them asked if we were joking and some who didn't question us on the phone, we later found out just didn't believe us all together. Well for all those doubting Tom's, see below.

Cory and I were floored to find out we are going to have twins. Cory really wanted twins because he is a twin and so we would be done with little ones. I kindly remind him that I have other plans, but who knows, after twin toddlers he may be right. We both are really exited and love to think of all the cute and fun things to do with twins, but I have to admit I am also a bit nervous for a couple reasons. One, when Cory and I were expecting Phoebe, we took extra care to buy most everything in unisex color pallets so we would never have to re buy anything, or so we thought. We now find ourselves in the situation of having to most everything again. Not to mention how do you fit 3 babies 2 and under with all their stuff in a compact car??? Oh wait trick question, you don't! This means we are now looking for a used SUV to trade up to, because Cory refuses to own a van. Two, the thought of two hungry babies crying at once or them taking shifts at night to wake up a cry scares me. Cory kindly reminds me, however, that twins are no real biggy and I just have to remember and that everything will work out. You are never blessed with more than you can handle so we here we on another Fergy Family Adventure.