Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fergy Festivus 2009

Our Festivus began on Christmas Eve where we opened our traditional present of homemade pjs.

We then put treats out for Santa on our new special Cookies for Santa plate while the twins sat out on the couch livid they could not partake of the treats that everyone else were enjoying.
Sometime in the night Santa came to visit and this is what he left behind, a mini kitchen.
Below is Daddy coming down in the morning with his two girls, brother already came down with mommy who is obviously taking the picture. Phoebs got more into the presents this year which was a fun experience. When she opened her presents she exclaimed, "Wow!" Then she had to play with that present right then. This slowed the present opening experience WAY down. Below you can see her most beloved gift which came uncle Rob & aunt Lucy...a princess tea set. The twins also enjoyed all the Festivus presents, as you can obviously tell in Cami's picture as she is playing with her new giraffe blanket.
In the afternoon we enjoyed our delicious Christmas prepared by no other than my blessed hands. Phoebe turned out to LOVE the pork shoulder roast and still asks for, "Hamma" everyday at lunch. Also pictured is Phoebe's new princess cup which is a must have item for every drink.

After lunch everyone in the Fergy home enjoyed a good ole' fashion Christmas nap followed by a run by grandma/pa Fergy's home to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. We then returned home to put kids to bed and watch our new movies.

Where's your Smile?

In the last couple of weeks we have begun to discover smiling. As you can see Josh is better at it than Cami, but then again she is a tougher audience and it is harder to catch her rarer smiles.
This is just a crazy picture of Josh and if it doesn't make you chuckle then you are made of stone.