Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Fergy Debut

Yesterday was our first time back a church as a whole family in 4 mos. It had been so long since Phoebe was in nursery that she was a bit nervous as I left her. As for me, I was excited to get to dress the wee ones up in their church attire and finally get back in our normal Sunday routine. Josh was hesitant to go as you can see by his screaming pics, but once in his car seat he feel asleep and was out for the entirety of church. Cami was awake for the first 1/2 of church and then joined her brother in peaceful bliss for the second 1/2 of church. Besides trying to walk the halls with more things than I can actually hold (a purse, coat, carseat, diaper bag and a baby who didn't want to be set down), yesterday turned out to be an easy transition back in to our regular Sundays.