Saturday, November 10, 2012

Misc October Pics

These are just a couple misc pics from Oct. and I thought they were too cute not to post. Sophie is just a big girl now she prefers to sit in a big girl chair and no her high chair.
I love it when all of these littles cuddle up together, although it makes it quite apparent that we are going to need a larger couch soon.

Once Upon an October's Story Times...

For the Fergy story time in October Julie started it off with the Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything, then we made cute little scarecrow heads.
The next week Chairsse told a spooky skeleton story, had us play skeleton games, make q-tip skeletons and for a treat we ate bones! Even with all the bony fun all Sophie cared to really do was play in Jared firetruck.
For my week we read Spooky Boo and made monster luminaries. For treat we had left over birthday cupcakes so I created Spooky Boo cakes, which the kiddos liked.
On Halloween it was Julies turn again so she read the 5 little pumpkins and we had a mini Halloween party, where we played pinned the smile of the pumpkin, a pumpkin version of magical chairs, which the kids didn't understand  instead just danced around whenever the music played and then went right back to their original was HILARIOUS to watch. We finished our party by playing guess whose in the pumpkin a another funny game to watch mainly 2-3 year olds play.

Frightful Fergy Fun

Every year the Friday before Halloween The Fergy Clan gathers for a large family Halloween meal and Trunk or Treating. Our family dressed as famous Disney couples, daddy was supposed to be Donald, but he had school that night.
It is always fun to see all the other cousins in their costumes as well.
I thought o was cute to see all the cousins lined up against Grandma Fergy's kitchen walls waiting for the food to be ready. I especially loved seeing Sophie in her little Boo costume  too  bad she HATED wearing it, she was so unbelievably adorable in it.
The food as is with every other year was DELICIOUS! After dinner we had the family trunk or treat. Davie took Sophie to collect her goodies since I was manning he candy bowl. The whole cousin Fergy gang LOVE trick-or-treating together.
This is one of my favorite Fergy traditions and I look forward to it every year! Phoebe in fact already has requests in for what to wear next year to Grandma's party.

Double the Party Fun

Back in e end of October the twiners celebrated their 3rd birthdays. This year Cory actually had a class all night on their actual birthdays so we instead celebrated a day late. Clothes from grandma were their only present that received on their real birthday. Phoebe was really jealous this year that all the twins got the attention so I gave her the Thanksgiving window stickers that grandma Potts sent and she was thrilled she got her own present too.
The next night we actually opened all the gifts and had our birthday meal. the twins were really excited to get their own bikes after pawning over Phoebe's bike for the past 10 days.
Josh in fact loved his helmet so much he refused to take it off the rest of the night.
For dinner Josh picked pizza and for dessert Cami picked "cake". I make the cupcakes miniature Truffla trees from the Lorax, which the kids really enjoyed, mainly because they were made out of cotton candy!
The twins are so stinkin' grown up I can't believe it. This year might be the actual year Cami and Josh officially out grow their older sister in height and not only weight.