Monday, September 26, 2011

Swaner Eco Center

Us Fergys don't often leave the house with all kids in tow except for church, but as of late we have vowed to change our ways and begin by having family outings. Our first offical planned outing was to the Swaner Eco Center. Why did we chose this random place you make ask, simple, the building was an architect landmark Cory wanted to see. It turned out it was also kinda cool for the kids to play at too. We went on a Saturday and we were practically the only ones in the whole place so we didn't have to worry about the kids running around the neat exhibits they have, such as large dam remplicas, caves with animals nesting inside and climbing walls.
The Swaner Eco Center is a plot of 12,000 acres of preserved wetland in Park City.  when you get to the top of the tower all you see is field as far out as the mountains, you would never guess this ritzy mall and apartments were on the other side of the Eco Center
We walked out on the pier and what o our wander eyes should appear, but tons of little caterpillars on all the leaves. I haven't seen these kind of caterpillars since I was a LIL-little kid on the farm. The kids all LOVED them inching around and how fuzzy they were, in fact many tantrums were thrown later that day because all they wanted was to go back and look at the caterpillars some more.

After a while we came back inside to play some more and discovered more fun stuff like an interactive light table of the animals found in wet lands and this mountain range that went up and down when you turned the wheel.  After a couple hrs of playing we went out front and had out picnic lunch we brought.  The kids were not really into eating however, because they had cool art outside you could limb on like the large metal worm thingy and a real 4 man bobsled.
 Well our first outing was pretty fun and except for the gas to dive the 20 minutes to and from Park City it was a totally free trip, my favorite kind!